You Have No Shame Quote


Do you know what constitutes a great poet? He is a person without shame, incapable of blushing. Ordinary fools have moments when they go off by themselves and blush with shame; not so the great poet.... If you really have to quote someone, quote a geographer; that way you won't give yourself away. (p 44) Knut Hamsun

It is no shame to have a dirty face- the shame comes when you keep it dirty. Truman Capote

If you have not the experience, ask. There is no shame in asking, but do not pretend you know when you don't. Mother Teresa

I just - you know, some people just have some very full laughter - full of joy - and have no shame or fear of letting that out. Ray Liotta

Founders: there is no shame in failing, take pride in that you have the guts to try something new. Kevin Rose

Mr. Starr, have you no shame? Facts and law are always subordinated to the will of the American people. William H. Ginsburg

I have no shame in making music that maybe, if you listen to it long enough, you'll realize you've heard this or that part of it before. Danger Mouse

If you have no shame, and it's your goal to get people into bed, how much higher could your success rate possibly be? Stephen Malkmus

I said, baby, do you have no shame? She just looked at me, uncomprehendingly, like cows at a passing train. Don Henley

When ghetto living seems normal, you have no shame, no privacy. Malcolm X

When we respect the nude, we will no longer have any shame about it. Robert Henri

The secret is I have no shame. Dakota Johnson

If you still have to ask, shame on you Louis Armstrong

A dog has no shame. If he can do it, you can watch. George Carlin

Never shame to hear what you have nobly done William Shakespeare

Sip the shame so you won't have to guzzle the regret. Lysa TerKeurst

You have started the book with this bubble over your head that contains a cathedral full of fire - that contains a novel so vast and great and penetrating and bright and dark that it will put all other novels ever written to shame. And then, as you get towards the end, you begin to realise, no, it's just this book. Michael Cunningham

There is no shame like poor shame. It can make you warm and charming, bitter and resentful, all at once. Beth Ditto

A newspaperman said, 'You have to have a team in New York.' I replied, 'Who says you have to have a team in New York?' What came out in the papers was a headline that said, Giles Says, 'Who needs New York?' I confess that quote bothered me, and there seemed to be no way to dispose of it. It was repeated again and again. Warren Giles

If you deceive me once shame on you because I have trusted you once and you have deceived me, if you deceive me twice shame on me because I have learnt my lessons and you have deceive me and if you deceive me for the third time shame on me because am a compound fool. Olusegun Obasanjo



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