Work Uniforms Quotes


We don't want any candy stripes on our uniforms. These are work clothes. Darrell Royal

Always pack your uniform on top. Freddie Green

With my work, I try to delve into the several layers that compose the edifice of history, to take the shadows cast by this model of uniform development to try and understand what lies behind it. Vhils

We know, Mr. Weller - we, who are men of the world - that a good uniform must work its way with the women, sooner or later. Charles Dickens

I believe in a uniform for work, but why, because we're men, do we have to be ghettoised into grey suits? Stuart Rose

The reader will find no figures in this work. The methods which I set forth do not require either constructions or geometrical or mechanical reasonings: but only algebraic operations, subject to a regular and uniform rule of procedure. Joseph-Louis Lagrange

Whether at home or at work, ISTJs are nothing if not reliable, particularly when it comes to inspecting the people and things in their jurisdiction-quietly seeing to it that uniform quality of product is maintained, and that those around them uphold certain standards of attitude and conduct. David Keirsey

Shame ain't black, like dirt, like I always thought it was. Shame be the color of a new white uniform your mother ironed all night to pay for, white without a smudge or a speck a work-dirt on it. Kathryn Stockett

Over this August district work period, like many of my colleagues, I spent a lot of time with the men and women in uniform from my home State. The 196th Field Artillery Brigade just got back from a year in Afghanistan. Zach Wamp

I've made a career over the last seventeen years of mostly playing men in uniform, especially cops. The one thing for an actor that is death, is if you're bored. The boredom will show in your work. Benjamin Bratt

People notice peacemakers because they dress funny. We know how the people who make war dress - in uniforms and medals, or in computers and clipboards, or in absoluteness, severity, greed, and cynicism. But the peacemaker is dressed in righteousness, justice, and faithfulness - dressed for the work that is to be done. Walter Brueggemann

Heat energy of uniform temperature [is] the ultimate fate of all energy. The power of sunlight and coal, electric power, water power, winds and tides do the work of the world, and in the end all unite to hasten the merry molecular dance. Frederick Soddy

I have always loved fashion since I was a kid and customized my school uniforms. Victoria Beckham

What masks are these uniforms to hide cowards! Duke Of Wellington

I think when you're winning, your uniforms are cool. Shaun Alexander

Were there no uniforms, there would probably be no armies. Benjamin Banneker

Them sportswriters don't even know how to put uniforms on, most of 'em. Eric Dickerson

In uniform patriotism can salute one flag only, embrace but the first circle of life-one's own land and tribe. In war that is necessary, in peace it is not enough. Bill Moyers

I love wearing the uniform. Trieste Kelly Dunn

The American servicemen and women of the Guard and Reserve leave their jobs, their spouses and their children to wear the uniform that defends our country. This selfless commitment should be honored by businesses across Massachusetts as we work to ensure they are treated fairly while they balance their employment responsibilities and obligations to the armed services. No business should ever put the bottom line ahead of America's front line. Mitt Romney



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