Wishful Thinking by Frederick Buechner


At the evening of our day, we shall be judged by our loving. Frederick Buechner

You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary Frederick Buechner

Faith is not by wishful thinking, it is what takes root in the heart and shows in one's actions. Sayyid Qutb

I get by on wishful thinking that when you come home you'll want to stay. Amanda Marshall

We find by losing. We hold fast by letting go. We become something new by ceasing to be something old. Frederick Buechner

Listen. Your life is happening. You are happening. Think back on your journey. The music of your life... Frederick Buechner

No words come easily to my lips. I think ultimately - what I like to think is that I'm in some sense hearing the mystery itself. Frederick Buechner

I'm a hopeless pray-er. I think somewhere in there I spend a great deal of time at it. Frederick Buechner

We learn to praise God not by paying compliments but by paying attention. Frederick Buechner

To remember the past is to see that we are here today by grace, that we have survived as a gift. Frederick Buechner

When friends speak overmuch of times gone by, often it's because they sense their present time is turning them from friends to strangers. Long before the moment came to say goodbye, I think, we said goodbye in other words and ways and silences. Then when the moment came for it at last, we didn't say it as should be said by friends. So now at last, dear Mouse, with many, many years between: goodbye. Frederick Buechner

Peace is a militant state, which is not secured by wishful thinking. . . . If we are to be sure of our liberty, we must be ready to fight for it. Jonathan M. Wainwright

[Freud's] sense of reality is less clouded by wishful thinking than is the case with other people and [he combines] the qualities of critical judgment, earnestness and responsibility. Albert Einstein

No one seemed able to look at themselves, coolly, from the outside. Their reality was all that could be seen in the light cast ahead by their own wishful thinking. Fay Weldon

Religion: A lot of fanciful ideas inspired by wishful thinking. Science: A lot of logical ideas based on the best evidence available. Which should we have faith in? David Alan Harvey

The other day, the way people [do] who are approaching their 80th birthday, I was thinking about all the last business - funerals and where do you want to be buried - and I thought if anything were to be inscribed on my tombstone, I said let it be that. Frederick Buechner

But it has been my experience that the risks are faroutweighed by the rewards, chief of which is when you speak to strangers as though they are friends, more often than not, if only for as long as the encounter lasts, they become friends, and if in the process they also think of you as a little peculiar, who cares? Frederick Buechner

God created us in joy and created us for joy, and in the long run not all the darkness there is in the world and in ourselves can separate us finally from that joy, because whatever else it means to say that God created us in His image, I think it means that even when we cannot believe in Him, even when we feel most spiritually bankrupt and deserted by Him, His mark is deep within us. We have God's joy in our blood. Frederick Buechner

The fearsome blessing of that hard time continues to work itself out in my life in the same way we're told the universe is still hurtling through outer space under the impact of the great cosmic explosion.... I think grace sometimes explodes into our lives like that-sending our pain, terror, astonishment hurtling through inner space until by grace they become Orion, Cassiopeia, Polaris to give us our bearings, to bring us into something like full being at last. Frederick Buechner

What deadens us most to God's presence within us, I think, is the inner dialogue that we are continually engaged in with ourselves, the endless chatter of human thought. Frederick Buechner



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