What Direction to Take Quotes


To give advice to a man who asks what to do with his life implies something very close to egomania. To presume to point a man to the right and ultimate goal - to point with a trembling finger in the RIGHT direction is something only a fool would take upon himself. Hunter S Thompson

But what I was going to say was, I just figured I'm going to go boldly in the direction of my dreams, say it as Thoreau would say, and just see where it takes me. Demetri Martin

[We are not] to take one step, even in the direction of what is good, beyond that to which we are irresistibly impelled by God, and this applies to action, word, and thought. Simone Weil

I find with records, they become what they're going to become. They take on a power and a direction of their own. Part of making records is to honor that and not try to force it. Emmylou Harris

Stay true to what you believe in and don't let people try to change that direction. Don't take 'no' for an answer. Lauren Conrad

I just found it interesting to talk to adults I admired, and to discover that the path they took was never all that clearly defined. It was comforting to me when I figured out that you don't have to know what you want to do with your life; you just have to take a few steps in one direction, and other opportunities will open up. Anderson Cooper

One Direction have to do their own ironing you don't see Take That doing their own ironing! Liam Payne

Refocusing on what you do want will take you in the direction of what you want. Joe Vitale

What matters is where you want to go. Focus in the right direction! Donald Trump

It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward. Louis Sachar

You've got to put interesting people around you; you've got to work with people who are gonna inspire you to take the songs you've written into a completely different direction, because there's nothing more boring than going to the studio and predictably knowing what is going to happen. Dave Gahan

What I want to do in life is just be a respectful man and just take care of my children and guide my family in the right direction. I'm not looking to be a chairperson, I'm not looking to be ambassador or anything in that capacity. Mike Tyson

I have to work hard to be punctual, to not lose my temper, take direction and be told what to do - and most of all listen rather than talk. Alfie Allen

I would tell any aspiring designer to take the time to experience everything they can to really get a feel for what direction they want to go in. And most importantly, let your passion and your gut lead you. Prabal Gurung

If you take 2001: A Space Odyssey as an example of somebody who creates a new language in film by what he was able to accomplish with art direction, photography, lighting, etc., it is still a gold standard for science fiction. Matthew Modine

There's no key to the universe, you just have to point your way in one direction, keep going, keep going, keep going, and see what happens. Davy Rothbart

I'd like to take some calculus, too. I have absolutely no ability in that direction and not much interest, either, but there's something going on in mathematics that I don't understand, and I'd like to find out what it is. Andy Rooney

Bush is going in the wrong way. And I dare say, that is what the strategy of his administration is, is just to wipe out government's purpose for any social and economic justice at all. And I'm going to take the country in an opposite direction than he's taking it. Dennis Kucinich

I think the future of China's unknown, I don't know what direction it's going to go in. It could go in the right direction, it could. It could go in a very bad direction, too. John Bolton

I think if you study-if you learn too much of what others have done, you may tend to take the same direction as everybody else. Jim Henson



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