West Bank Quotes


The West Bank is essentially imprisoned. Noam Chomsky

I wish that only three residents of Tel Aviv could see what conditions on the West Bank are like. Living in such proximity, most Israelis have no idea about the adversity on the West Bank. Zubin Mehta

All the people who live in the West Bank are Israelis, they're not Palestinians. There is no 'Palestinian.' This is Israeli land. Rick Santorum

This decree is very serious and we will not allow it to pass unopposed. (on Israel offers 10-month West Bank settlement freeze) Uri Orbach

We can also reassure our Palestinian partners that we understand the importance of territorial contiguity in the West Bank for a viable Palestinian state. Ariel Sharon

Israel has obviously not liberated the Palestinians in Gaza or the West Bank. We have occupied them, but we have not liberated them. Amos Oz

The poet laureate of England talked about murdering Jews on the West Bank. Steven T Katz

I've just come back from Mississippi and over there when you talk about the West Bank they think you mean Arkansas. Pat Buchanan

Economic support from the rest of the Arab states to the fledgling Palestinian Authority in the West Bank is virtually non-existent. Edgar Bronfman Sr

Israel is so tiny. It's, you know, a little less than the length of Manhattan, without the West Bank, without Judea and Samaria. Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel gives the West Bank water twice a week! One way of promoting good would be not to ration water. Zubin Mehta

We don't have a state, neither in Gaza nor in the West Bank. Gaza is under siege and the West Bank is occupied. What we have in the Gaza Strip is not a state, but rather a regime of an elected government. A Palestinian state will not be created at this time except in the territories of 1967. Ismail Haniyeh

From the U.S. point of view, negotiations are, in effect, a way for Israel to continue its policies of systematically taking over whatever it wants in the West Bank, maintaining the brutal siege on Gaza, separating Gaza from the West Bank and, of course, occupying the Syrian Golan heights, all with full U.S. support. Noam Chomsky

You may be talented, but you're not Kanye West. Kanye West

Israel should withdraw from all the areas which it won from the Arabs in 1967, and in particular Israel should withdraw completely from the Golan Heights, from south Lebanon and from the West Bank. Nelson Mandela

There are two phases of the redeployment of the Israeli forces in the West Bank: One, to allow elections. Second, after the elections, to help further redeployment. Yitzhak Rabin

You can look at the West Bank. Cities are like prisons. They can be closed quickly by the Israeli forces, and everything stops in these cities. This is the result of Oslo. Hassan Nasrallah

I would like Israel to be a Jewish state, and therefore not to annex over 2 million Palestinians who live in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to Israel, which will make Israel a bi-national state. Yitzhak Rabin

Our law is a Jordanian law that we inherited, which applies to both the West Bank and Gaza, and sets the death penalty for those who sell land to Israelis. Yasser Arafat

It doesn't serve an American interest. It really doesn't really serve Israeli interests - it serves the interests of the political party that's getting the votes of the settlers on the West Bank. Chris Matthews



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