Just Waking Up Quotes


I just love life. I'm excited about things in life. I think that if you're excited about life, you are excited about waking up and doing things with your life every day. Salma Hayek

Still, waking up this early was just wrong. "Why ca' people be reasonable and only die after eleven A.M.?" I whined. Diana Rowland

We are not just humans learning to become buddhas, but also buddhas waking up in human form, learning to become fully human. John Welwood

Still, waking up this early was just wrong. "Why can't people be reasonable and only die after eleven A.M.?" I whined. Diana Rowland

Waking up is seeing yourself just as you are, not as you would like to be nor as you are afraid you might be. Paul Lowe

It's not just about waking up and trying to be a star... It's practice, practice, practice. Bo Bice

There's one thing that's really great about waking up early, and it's not jogging or greeting the day - it's just that that's when they make doughnuts. Kathy Griffin

Know the difference between a catastrophe and an inconvenience. - To realize that it's just an inconvenience, that it is not a catastrophe, but just an unpleasantness, is part of coming into your own, part of waking up. Bruce Lee

There is a big difference between just learning something, and actually LIVING what you learn. Hal Elrod

In an ideal world no one would talk before 10am. People would just hug, because waking up is really hard. Zooey Deschanel

I don't like waking up. I feel like staying in bed usually, but I can't because I've got two kids standing next to my bed, just eager to live another day. Louis C K

It was really like waking up one morning and going, Wow, I enjoy being with this person more than anybody else in my life, and it just turned out to be mutual. Brian Austin Green

You can lead in multiple ways. I try and lead by example, and make sure that I'm always accountable to my teammates. That starts off with my commitment to waking up early, training hard, lifting weights, and running. It's in my nutrition. It's just making sure I always put myself in the best possible position. Larry Fitzgerald

Long ago you may have given up control of your brain and set it on autopilot either because it just felt like too much work. And it is work! But for me, this work was well worth it for the prospect of not waking up sad every day. Chris Hardwick

Honestly, just waking up every morning with headaches is tough, to know that I can't play tonight or I can't run tonight. Once the headaches started going away a little bit, I knew I had a chance. Alecko Eskandarian

Nothing is better than waking up in the morning and being excited to go into work. Caprice Bourret

I love just going out; long drives, the ocean, my kids, new music, new gear, new plug-ins, coffee, and donuts at four in the morning. Even just waking up and writing. John Feldmann

Most of us are so busy trying to manage, maintain, or even just survive our life situation, that we don't make time to focus on what's most important - our LIFE. Hal Elrod

Wherever I am in the world, my perfect day begins with waking up and heading to the beach or the pool or somewhere I can be semi-comatose. I just wake up and go to the sun. Zaha Hadid

Looking at her is like waking up. Veronica Roth



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