Virtue Quotes


Virtue that wavers is not virtue. John Milton

The highest virtue is not virtuous. Therefore it has virtue. The lowest virtue holds on to virtue. Therefore it has no virtue. Laozi

Patience is a virtue, but impatience gets things done. Chelsea Clinton

Patience is a virtue, and I'm learning patience. It's a tough lesson. Elon Musk

For virtue only finds eternal Fame. Petrarch

Virtue debases itself in justifying itself. Voltaire

Virtue alone is happiness below. Alexander Pope

Virtue is not hereditary. Thomas Paine

Virtue proceeds through effort. Euripides

There is a virtue in shamelessness. David Brooks

Patience is not a virtue! Alan Chadwick

Fear could never make virtue. Voltaire

Virtue is not always amiable. John Adams

We protect virtue so that virtue will protect us. Ajahn Chah

A virtue never tested is no virtue at all. Billy Bragg

Vice is its own reward. Quentin Crisp

Hast thou virtue? acquire also the graces and beauties of virtue. Benjamin Franklin

Which is more misshapen,-religion without virtue, or virtue without religion? Joseph Joubert

Virtue by calculation is the virtue of vice. Joseph Joubert

The only reward of virtue is virtue. Ralph Waldo Emerson



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