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Source: Vernon Corea The Golden Voice of Radio Ceylon Vernon Corea

All heartache is caused by wrong viewpoints. Vernon Howard

Source: 'Remembering Clarence,' in the Sunday Times newspaper, Sri Lanka Vernon Corea

Mental silence is the perfect response to a challenge. Vernon Howard

I don't really write songs anymore. Justin Vernon

I'm a creature of comfort. Justin Vernon

Genuine effort is success. Vernon Howard

You must never fear anything at all. Vernon Howard

When you are genuinely strong, you neither attack nor defend and so retain your energy. Vernon Howard

Mankind may be divided into playgoers and not playgoers ... Vernon Lee

... there is no end to the deceits of the past ... Vernon Lee

May God richly bless you, my beloved. J. Vernon McGee

What the eyes see, the heart must believe. Dai Vernon

The most marvelous experience of life is to transform life according to reality, not imagination. Vernon Howard

If you don't vote, you don't count, Vernon Dahmer

You're in love, that's what your problem is. Vernon Jordan

Learn to see things as they really are, not as we imagine they are.... Vernon Howard

The answers come when you are quietly willing to be without them. Vernon Howard

Happiness is not the acquisition of anything; it's the understanding of something. Vernon Howard

Be teachable. That is the whole secret. Vernon Howard



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