Truth Telling Quotes


Truth-telling frightens me. Lying confuses me. Mason Cooley

Faith is acting like God is telling the truth. Tony Evans

The great advantage of telling the truth is that one is so much more likely to sound convincing Susan Howatch

Telling the truth is like exposing the underside of our wings. We only see that part when we fly. Sabrina Ward Harrison

The first step toward telling the truth is to tell the whole lie. Robert Breault

I never saw any good that came of telling truth. John Dryden

When you sing, always tell the truth. Billie Holiday

Fear is a place where you just tell the truth Clive Barker

Always tell the truth and be true. Emily Saliers

Tell the truth and not the facts. Maya Angelou

Tell the truth and make it rhyme John Lennon

but even the facts do not always tell the truth Paul Auster

I will tell the truth wherever I please. Mother Jones

It does not take many words to tell the truth Sitting Bull

I leave a lot out when I tell the truth Amy Hempel

I'd always thought telling the truth to other people was hard, but maybe that was a snap compared to telling the truth to yourself. Sometimes we just refused to know what we knew. Deb Caletti

Telling the truth will lead you to freedom; telling the lies will lead you to slavery. Jamison Green

I'm not very interested in telling the facts. I have a lot of investment in telling the truth. Pam Houston

Trust is built on telling the truth, not telling people what they want to hear. Simon Sinek

But I suppose the most revolutionary act one can engage in is... to tell the truth. Howard Zinn



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