Time Moving Slowly Quotes


Time moves slowly, but passes quickly. Alice Walker

I spend a lot of time revising. I'm not somebody who can move slowly. Martha Ronk

Making movies is time-consuming and it's boring. You spend most of your time waiting between takes. It's like a big machine that moves slowly. Eddie Murphy

You realize who you're in love with is fading fast. You don't know what to do, but in that period time moves so slowly. Taylor Swift

Time comes to us softly, slowly. It sits beside us for a while. Then, long before we are ready, it moves on. Jacqueline Woodson

I move very slowly. It's usually material first. I sit with the material for a long time. Jim Hodges

Moving slowly enables us to learn faster. Paulo Coelho

Don't fear moving slowly forward...fear standing still. Katherine Harris

Matter is spirit moving slowly enough to be seen. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Ah when will this long weary day have end, And lend me leave to come unto my love? How slowly do the hours their numbers spend! How slowly does sad Time his feathers move! Edmund Spenser

The first dolly track was somebody who had the idea to put the camera on a boat on a canal. So the boat would move very slowly but steadily. So they would see all that surrounds you and you'd see the landscape changing slowly. So that was the first time. Michel Gondry

Science moves, but slowly, slowly, creeping on from point to point. Alfred the Great

Time passes slowly. Nobody says a word, everyone lost in quiet reading. One person sits at a desk jotting down notes, but the rest are sitting there silently, not moving, totally absorbed. Just like me. Haruki Murakami

Because time moves more slowly in Kid World ... it goes on for decades ... It is adult life that is over in a twinkling. Bill Bryson

One moves more slowly in heels. Walking fast is neither sexy nor engaging. Nobody notices the people who race around. If you're walking in heels, you've got time. It's much more attractive. Christian Louboutin

In the past we could afford a long gestation period before undertaking major environmental policy initiatives. Today the time for a well-planned transition to a sustainable system is running out. We may be moving in the right direction, but we are moving too slowly. We are failing in our responsibility to future generations and even the present one. Kofi Annan

My mother and I were like two continents moving slowly but inexorably apart; my father, the bridge builder, constantly extending the fragile edifice he had constructed to connect us. Diane Setterfield

My friends, history, history calls us to this time and to this place. A solemn choice rests with us - where do we go from here? Do we move slowly and incrementally? Or do we seize the challenge of our time and tackle the great issues of our day. Tom Vilsack

For most men, time moves slowly, oh so slowly, they don't even realize it. But time has revealed itself to me in a very special way. Time is a rushing, howling wind that rages past me, withering me in a single, relentless blast, and then continues on. I've been sitting here passively, submissive to its rage, watching its work. Listen! Time, howling, withering! Barnabas

Sometimes I feel that life is passing me by, not slowly either, but with ropes of steam and spark - spattered wheels and a hoarse roar of power or terror. It's passing, yet I'm the one who's doing all the moving. Martin Amis



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