Those Left Behind Quotes


Successful workers will be those who embrace a lifetime of learning. Those who don't will be left behind. Rupert Murdoch

There is nothing to regret - either for those who go or for those who are left behind Eleanor Roosevelt

There were worse things than dying, and those worse things happened to the people you left behind. P C Cast

Those who build and perpetuate mediocrity...are motivated more by the fear of being left behind. James C Collins

Partition was a total catastrophe for Delhi,' she said. 'Those who were left behind are in misery. Those who were uprooted are in misery. The Peace of Delhi is gone. Now it is all gone. William Dalrymple

Partition was a total catastrophe for Delhi," she said. "Those who were left behind are in misery. Those who were uprooted are in misery. The Peace of Delhi is gone. Now it is all gone. William Dalrymple

In today's digital online world, those who don't share information will be isolated and left behind. Alan Bersin

Climbing the economic ladder has been very hard for me; I still feel a great deal of guilt towards those I left behind. Elena Ferrante

Those who get stuck doing the same things for too long are bound to get left behind the strong who press on and re-invent themselves. T-Pain

the best often die by their own hand just to get away, and those left behind can never quite understand why anybody would ever want to get away from them Charles Bukowski

A funeral is for those left behind. Sometimes, one wonders if the weeping is more out of fear for ourselves than it is sympathy for the deceased. Ming-Dao Deng

Those vestiges of natures left behind Which reason cannot quite expel from us Are still so slight that naught prevents a man From living a life even worthy of the gods. Lucretius

How can the dead be truly dead when they still live in the souls of those who are left behind? Carson Mccullers

I have been told by hospital authorities that more copies of my works are left behind by departing patients than those of any other author. Robert Benchley

You'll live forever in our hearts, big man. That particularly galled me, because it implied the immortality of those left behind: You will live forever in my memory, because I will live forever! I AM YOUR GOD NOW, DEAD BOY! I OWN YOU! John Green

For those of you who thought you'd be forgotten, The friends you've made will try their best, to make it so. Think of all the beauty that you left behind you. You can take it if you want it, and then let it go. Zooey Deschanel

It's particularly important that we reach out to everybody in our countries, those who feel disaffected, those who feel left behind by globalization and address their concerns in constructive ways as opposed to more destructive ways. Barack Obama

Those who wait for the future to happen before aligning their educational goals with the new realities will be left behind in the new ecomomy. A better path is to know what is ahead and prepare-this is education. Oliver DeMille

A long disease seems to be a halting place between life and death, that death itself may be a comfort to those who die and to those who are left behind. Jean De La Bruyere

In Yorkshire and the Humber, children are now being left behind, and no child should be left behind. We can no longer accept that young people in London are far more likely to achieve good outcomes at school than those in other regions. Jo Cox MP



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