This Quote Is My Nightmare


You have to do every movie one at a time. Trilogy is contrary to this ideology. My nightmare is to wake up and find myself the host of a TV series. Jack Nicholson

I have fallen into an abyss. I live in a world so curious, so strange. Of the dream that was my life, this is my nightmare. Camille Claudel

I saw an episode - the second episode [of Black Mirror], "Fifteen Million Merits" - and I completely flipped out: "This is what my nightmares are made of. This is the most terrifying thing I've ever seen." Bryce Dallas Howard

I have this recurring nightmare where I'm lost in a strange forest, and my only hope is your sense of direction. Enough to give a fellow the sweats, it is. Gerald Morris

My worst nightmare is being stuck somewhere with nothing to read. Barbara Kingsolver

The loss of a child is my greatest nightmare. Angelina Jolie

He (Tesla) was 84, and he died in a hotel, completely broke and alone. In love with a pigeon. This is a nightmare. I'm in hell. This is hell. I'm talking about Tesla in my puke. Tesla was the electric Jesus. I can't breathe. Duncan Trussell

I really look forward to revisiting this body of work which has been such a huge part of my life and bringing it to the concert stage. And the idea of performing some of Jack Skellington's songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas live for the very first time is immensely exciting. Danny Elfman

Bosnia is under my skin. It's the place you cannot leave behind. I was obsessed by the nightmare of it all; there was this sense of guilt, and an anger that has become something much deeper over these last years. Paddy Ashdown

Actually, my worst nightmare is losing my best friend, as I imagine most people's are. Phoebe Waller-Bridge

My kids are my life and the thought of someone taking them away from me is my worst nightmare. Peter Andre

For all my friends in the media who like quotes, mark this quote down. From this day on I'd like to be known as 'The Big Aristotle' because Aristotle once said, 'Excellence is not a singular act; it's a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.' Shaquille Oneal

This, however, is a passing nightmare; in time the earth will become again incapable of supporting life, and peace will return. Bertrand Russell

I think this is every mother's worst nightmare - something dreadful happening to her child. Jodi Picoult

This is every writer's nightmare-the sudden breakdown of meaning in the language that sustains and supports us... Dan Simmons

Really, a nightmare just really has to evoke some sort of, we call it, dysphoric emotion or something uncomfortable. You could be sad, you could be unhappy; you could be scared, anxious. But traditionally, the definition is you have to awaken from this nightmare. Shelby Harris

The Nightmare Before Christmas is my number one biggest influence artistically in every way. Amy Lee

I like horror movies. Nightmare on Elm Street is my favourite. I even get scared a little bit watching horror. Mike Tyson

My best vacation is your worst nightmare. Jim Bridwell

Coal is My Worst Nightmare. Steven Chu



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