Thinking Different Quotes


I think different people have different problems and different relations to the exhibition of their work. Richard Serra

Different people in different parts of the world can be thinking the same thoughts at the same time. It's an obsession of mine: that different people in different places are thinking the same thing but for different reasons. I try to make films which connect people. Krzysztof Kieslowski

I think I'm a different person with different people. Pamela Anderson

I think that different things sell in different countries. Jodi Picoult

I think all writers are different. I've been with a few writers; they're all different. Rene Russo

I never like to think of any character as being over. I'm always thinking of different ways of bringing them back. Chris Lilley

I think that every country presents its own particular challenges, different cultures, different histories, different religions, different people. And different ethnic make-ups in those countries present different challenges. Rahm Emanuel

It's always about being yourself and not being ashamed of being different or thinking different. Marilyn Manson

It takes a different kind of thinking to solve a problem than the kind of thinking which produced the problem. Albert Einstein

Everyone has a different beauty and different qualities and I think that women need to learn to love their qualities and be comfortable in the fact that everyone is different. Miranda Kerr

I tend not to worry about what the perception is. I think people have their different views over different things. They have different opinions over different business models and over different business interests. Bruno Zheng Wu

Covers matter. In my experience, a different cover can make you think you're reading an entirely different book. Gabrielle Zevin

That's kind of what we have here. I think we've just grown apart, we have different philosophies, and we're going in different directions, Lance Burton

I think different musical collaborators bring out different qualities in my songs and I like that. Conor Oberst

I don't think I'm better than other people, I think I'm different from other people, because I do different things. Michael Jackson

I think people with anxiety do different things during different years. Jen Kirkman

Different members of different cultures will think that some things are beautiful. Jock Sturges

I give myself different roles. I think in different ways on different days. Sometimes I think of it as cooking - different flavors and different ingredients. Sometimes I think of it like orchestrating a piece of music with all the different instruments. Joe Bradley

Many are called impious, not for having a worse, but a different religion from their neighbors; and many atheistical, not for the denying of God, but for thinking somewhat peculiarly concerning him. Frances Wright

If being sane is thinking there's something wrong with being different, I'd rather be completely $%^&^& mental. Angelina Jolie



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