Then Accepted Quotes


Life can either be accepted or changed. If it is not accepted, it must be changed. If it cannot be changed, then it must be accepted. Winston Churchill

It is the metaphysically given that must be accepted: it cannot be changed. It is the man-made that must never be accepted uncritically: it must be judged, then accepted or rejected and changed when necessary. Ayn Rand

When you once see something as false which you have accepted as true, as natural, as human, then you can never go back to it. Jiddu Krishnamurti

She accepted it from then on. Books liked her. Books wanted to look after her. Sarah Addison Allen

Unchallenged, opinions became respected precedent then exceptionless concepts and sometimes even civil and academically accepted social law. R Buckminster Fuller

How Religion Works: If I obey, then God will love and accept me. The Gospel: I'm loved and accepted, therefore I wish to obey. Timothy Keller

If we define Futurism as an exploration beyond accepted limits, then the nature of limiting systems becomes the first object of exploration. Frank Herbert

You know the bodysuit that I built my line on? . . .That was about me being able to go directly from work to yoga class. It just wasn't as accepted to talk about then. Donna Karan

Credit is a human right that should be treated as a human right. If credit can be accepted as a human right, then all other human rights will be easier to establish. Muhammad Yunus

Enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil before the worst amongst you are given authority over you and then when even the best of you make dua against them, their duas will not be accepted. Uthman ibn Affan

Jamie : "I didn't want anybody to be weird around me.". Landon : "Including me?". Jamie : "Especially you! You know, I was getting along with everything fine. I accepted it, and then you happened!". Nicholas Sparks

it was love, of course, though I didn't know it then and Finn was both its subject and object. He accepted love instinctively, without responsibility or conditions, like a wild thing glimpsed through trees. Meg Rosoff

When we have many things within ourselves which are neither known nor accepted, then such things complicate our lives horrifyingly, and in fact provoke all sorts of situations which could be avoided through knowledge of ourselves. Samael Aun Weor

If it is finally accepted that the personality in whole or part survives death - and I believe that it will be - then such a belief will be considered as modern as a belief in spaceships and rockets. Jane Roberts

It's a lesser-known story, but the Japanese government (after the Russian-Nazi pact, which split Poland) did allow Polish Jews to come to Japan, with the expectation that they would then be sent to the United States. But they weren't accepted, so they stayed in Japan. Noam Chomsky

I've accepted the fact that there's a beginning and end to everything. All species are born, evolve, and then die off. We're going through the 6th great extinction and the large mammals are going first and, you know what - we're large mammals! Yvon Chouinard

As I get older, everything feels like it's fundamentally connected, and once you've accepted the idea that business is right, and the free market - though there's never really been one - is right, then everything else just follows naturally from there. Herbert

There was a time when people accepted magical experiences as natural. There were no priests then, and no one went chasing after the secrets of the occult. Paulo Coelho

I was offered and accepted a part in 'A Few Best Men,' and then the Australian actor's union argued that there were too many British actors. And the director decided to lose me. Noel Clarke

Once we have conceived of time and space, once we have accepted their existence, then that implies that there is a structural order to bonding realities. Frederick Lenz



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