The Wire Memorable Quotes


I've been watching The Wire recently. Edward Snowden

In that memorable year, 1822: Oersted, a Danish physicist, held in his hands a piece of copper wire, joined by its extremities to the two poles of a Volta pile. On his table was a magnetized needle on its pivot, and he suddenly saw (by chance you will say, but chance only favours the mind which is prepared) the needle move and take up a position quite different from the one assigned to it by terrestrial magnetism. A wire carrying an electric current deviates a magnetized needle from its position. That, gentlemen, was the birth of the modern telegraph. Louis Pasteur

You've got this piece of wood and some wires, pickups and some strings. How somebody uses that configuration to make something memorable, that's what's interesting to me. Don Felder

The best part is not the biggest, it's the one that's most memorable. Rob Lowe

And the commercials would have sickened a goat raised on barbed wire and broken beer bottles. Raymond Chandler

The stars are distant and unobtrusive, but bright and enduring as our fairest and most memorable experiences. Henry David Thoreau

The most memorable moment was playing drums with Bob Dylan. Jenna Elfman

My most memorable moment came in 1985 as we beat the Boston Celtics. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Life is on the wire. The rest is just waiting. Matt Damon

To be on the wire is life - the rest - is waiting. Roy Scheider

I'm a huge fan of things like The Wire and The Shield. Donal Logue

You don't have to tell me how long I'm on the wire, Nik Wallenda

I'm often very relaxed when I'm on the wire. Nik Wallenda

I love HBO productions, actually, like 'The Wire.' David Mitchell

It's actually quite criminal how 'The Wire' was systematically ignored. Idris Elba

If the story's there for it, if there's a reason for it, then I'm all for it. But if you throw in a barbed wire match just to do a barbed wire match, then it makes no sense to me. CM Punk

Modern American marriage is like a wire fence. The woman's the wire -the posts are the husband's. Langdon Elwyn Mitchell

I stopped watching TV because of 'The Wire.' Like, 'The Wire' ruined everything for me because I don't even want to watch anything else now. Eminem

The thing that's interesting about wire walking is that we never get to see it other than looking up. It's like a circus thing. It's a guy on a wire. Robert Zemeckis

Words from the past: "It's a clever idea, Mr. Bell, but don't wire us, we'll wire you. Robert Breault



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