The Teachers to Be Respectful


The Bible urges us to be respectful to all people, especially people with whom we have disagreements, to never libel people, to never label people. Max Lucado

I think you have to be respectful to the people who want to talk to you. Bryce Harper

We're in the business of luxury and there's nothing more luxurious than being good to people, being respectful of them. Phoebe Philo

We"re in the business of luxury and there's nothing more luxurious than being good to people, being respectful of them. Phoebe Philo

Be respectful to your peers and yourself, of course. Don't be a jerk. But at the same time don't settle for anything less than yourself. Christina Grimmie

We don't need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful. Taylor Swift

Unfortunately, we don't educate drivers enough to be respectful on the road. Mario Andretti

We should be respectful but we must also have the courage to stop harmful practices that impoverish girls, women and their communities. Graca Machel

You have to be respectful of pop culture, because people interpret it in the way they want. Jaleel White

I'm outgoing. I like being social. But when I think I should be quiet, I am. And I don't think quiet is the right word. Respectful is more accurate. I want to be respectful of people and their space.? Jose Bautista

We have to be respectful to one another. Stevie Wonder

My mom is the No. 1 person who has taught me to be courteous towards women, to always be respectful and polite to them, and to always lead with your heart. Zac Efron

Be respectful. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Respect the lowest rank and the highest rank and you'll never get in trouble. Alex Rodriguez

If people are going to do post-publication peer review, they need to abide by the same rules as they abide by for pre-publication peer review: not being ad hominem, being respectful, giving the author a chance to respond in a reasonable way. Susan Fiske

When you work for other people you'll find ... that they do know what's best for them, and for the company. And you should listen to them and be respectful, but they don't know what's best for you. Mike Judge

I demand my kids be respectful, responsible and grateful. And they have to love the Lord with all their hearts. Mariano Rivera

Because I was aspirational, I did my work, I was respectful to my teachers, I experienced a lot of bullying from the black kids. My friends were largely white or Asian. David Oyelowo

Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be. Leo Tolstoy

The Four Oaths: Never be late with respect to the way of the warrior; be useful to the lord; be respectful to your parents; get beyond love and grief: exist for the good of man. Yamamoto Tsunetomo

You've got to teach your children to be respectful to the police and you've got to teach your children that the real danger to them is not the police, the real danger to them 99 out of 100 times, 9,900 out of 1,000 times are other black kids who are going to kill them. Rudy Giuliani



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