The Lost Hero Quotes


Nothing lasts forever. But the thing is, you can reuse some. Use your mind. - Leo's Mother, The Lost Hero Rick Riordan

The modern hero-deed must be that of questing to bring to light again the lost Atlantis of the co-ordinated soul. Joseph Campbell

While the hero journeys for external fame, fortune, and power, the heroine tries to regain her lost creative spirit... Once she hears the cries of this lost part of herself needing rescue, her journey truly begins. Valerie Estelle Frankel

In ancient shadows and twilightsWhere childhood had strayed,The world's great sorrows were bornAnd its heroes were made.In the lost boyhood of JudasChrist was betrayed. George William Russell

One blob of red in the wrong place and the audience isn't looking at the hero, they're looking at a patch of curtain (or something similar) and your whole effect is lost. Terence Fisher

I was a daredevil before, and after I lost my sight I was the same. I loved riding bikes, scooters and horses. I even learned to box. Muhammad Ali is my hero. Andrea Bocelli

The kind of hero worship you have, when a parent is lost early and you don't know all their faults and misgivings, is a very strong influence. Keri Russell

I don't think I've lost a beat at all. Because of my physique and my look...I fit in the natural action-hero role. Jose Canseco

I was going to be the hero of the movie [The Lost World]. I had to speak up and be like, "Shouldn't I be the one doing that? Eric Mccormack

This is the Wilderness School. 'Where the Kids are animals Rick Riordan

The Hero cares not for a wild winter's storm. For it carries him swift on the back of the storm. All may be lost and our hearts may be worn, but a Hero fights forever. Cressida Cowell

Love is powerful. It can bring the gods to their knees. Rick Riordan

Nothing lasts forever, not even the best machines. And everything can be reused. - Hephaestus Rick Riordan

When in doubt, start from the top. -Jason Grace Rick Riordan

We lost faith in authority in the '50s, up to a point, and we spawned a lot of anti-heroes in movies, which were refreshing and open. But at this point, with the distrust that's there and the disillusionment with leadership that is so acute, we need some kind of a focus on taking the irony out and taking the anti-hero element away. Brendan Gleeson

Heroes who shed their blood and lost their lives! You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

The passage of the mythological hero may be over ground, incidentally; fundamentally it is inward-into depths where obscure resistances are overcome, and long lost, forgotten powers are revivified, to be made available for the transfiguration of the world. Joseph Campbell

He was' a hero. He was' the man who stepped forward and saved the innocent. He was lost himself. Shadows had invaded a long time ago and stolen his life. But he would give anything he had left to be the man who found a way to save Judith Christine Feehan

I've done a lot of roles where I'm the hero saving the planet. I love doing them, but sometimes you wanna completely try something different and create something unique and get lost in it a bit because it's completely far away from me. Sam Worthington

Better to love God and die unknown than to love the world and bea hero; better to be content with poverty than to die a slave towealth; better to have taken some risks and lost than to havedone nothing and succeeded at it. Erwin W. Lutzer



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