Thanks For Hospitality Quotes


Dreams are guests who ensoul our lives if we have hospitality for them. Jeannine Parvati Baker

Hospitality is one of the things the Afghan population is famous for, but nobody says that anymore. Now they're terrorists - and they're not. They're people. Lisa Ling

Any celebration meal to which guests are invited, be they family or friends, should be an occasion for generous hospitality. Julian Baggini

The world thanks you for sharing Nelson Mandela with us. Barack Obama

As always, a million heartfelt thanks for bringing such joy into this chick's life. Princess Diana

Nobody ever thanks you for saving them from the disease they didn't know they were going to get. William Foege

I give thanks for ever increasing health, youth and beauty. Catherine Ponder

Giving thanks for abundance is sweeter than the abundance itself... Rumi

Thanks are justly due for things got without purchase. [Lat., Gratia pro rebus merito debetur inemtis.] Ovid

For this relief, much thanks William Shakespeare

Thanks [Donald] Trump for exposing evangelicals as 'shameless hypocrites'. Bill Maher

...Learn to give thanks for everything. Jeremy Taylor

I am a scholar of stupidity, so thanks for existing. William C. Brown

Thanks a lot, society, for railroading my ass. Aileen Wuornos

You always get that one customer that decides that your name is boy. Or something. It certainly reinforces a respect I already had for people that are in the hospitality industry. Ryan Reynolds

Nowadays the host does not admit you to his hearth, but has got the mason to build one for yourself somewhere in his alley, and hospitality is the art of keeping you at the greatest distance. Henry David Thoreau

We should always keep a corner of our heads open and free, that we may make room for the opinions of our friends. Let us have heart and head hospitality. Joseph Joubert

No one of this nation ever begs, for the houses of all are common to all; and they consider liberality and hospitality amongst the first virtues. Gerald of Wales

We have felt for some time that if political candidates or their staff are willing to make the pilgrimage to North Iowa, the least we can do is show hospitality. And it's also a wonderful way to get to know these people who make our political system work. Kurt Meyer

Planning a dinner party in a way that you're actually capable of getting it done without panicking is important. It's bad hospitality for the host to be freaked out. Ted Allen



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