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Telescopes and binoculars endanger the ever-distant sublime. Mason Cooley

You are that vast thing that you see far, far off with great telescopes. Alan Watts

O telescope, instrument of knowledge, more precious than any sceptre. Johannes Kepler

The telescope... is a conduit to the cosmos. Neil Degrasse Tyson

I was interested in telescopes and the way they worked because I had an intense desire to see what things looked like, so I learned how to use telescopes and find things in the sky. Clyde Tombaugh

No sign of purpose can be detected in any part of the vast universe disclosed by our most powerful telescopes. Hugh Elliot

Microscopes and telescopes really confuse our minds. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Facts, like telescopes and wigs for gentlemen, were a seventeenth century invention. Alasdair MacIntyre

Computer science has as much to do with computers as astronomy has to do with telescopes. Edsger Dijkstra

I have a fine lot of telescopes. I have one with which I can see the Mountains in the Moon. Ezra Cornell

We do a lot of looking: we look through lenses, telescopes, television tubes... Our looking is perfected every day, but we see less and less. Frederick Franck

I have tried to improve telescopes and practiced continually to see with them. These instruments have play'd me so many tricks that I have at last found them out in many of their humours. William Herschel

On certain occasions, the eyes of the mind can supply the want of the most powerful telescopes, and lead to astronomical discoveries of the highest importance. Francois Arago

Poetry is an act of distillation. It takes contingency samples, is selective. It telescopes time. It focuses what most often floods past us in a polite blur. Diane Ackerman

The eyes of a man are of no use without the observing power. Telescopes and microscopes are cunning contrivances, but they cannot see of themselves. Edwin Paxton Hood

The further and further we look out with our telescopes and the further and further we look in with our microscopes, the larger and larger and smaller and smaller the universe becomes in order to escape the investigation because we are the universe looking at itself. Alan Watts

Pride makes us long for a solution to things - a solution, a purpose, a final cause; but the better telescopes become, the more stars appear. Julian Barnes

After decades of hauling telescopes around in the back of vans and going up to high altitude locations and so forth, I did finally build an observatory, here on Sonoma mountain. Tim Ferriss

I was struck by - Einstein's a fascinating figure who didn't have any instruments that he used, he didn't use telescopes, he used his mind to try to understand the universe. Jonathan Nolan

For a long time, weve worked on detecting planets with whatever was at hand, making use of existing small telescopes or even amateur telescopes. Its time to move on to the next stage. Andrew Gould



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