Team Dark Skin Quotes


Negroid traits, dark skin, flat, thick nose. Frederick Hertz

Im very into dark colors. I try to rock the dark against the ghost white skin as much as humanly possible. Vanessa Marano

I've learned a heck of a lot this way [making Dark Tower comics]. I've also learned a lot from the editors at Marvel, who are always an equal part in the creative team. Robin Furth

The Lord has never indicated that black skin came because of being less faithful. Now, the Indian; we know why he has changed, don't we? The Book of Mormon tells us that; and he has a dark skin, but he has promise there that through faithfulness, that they all again become a white and delightsome people. LeGrand Richards

I who have gone the gamut from an almost angry rejection of my dark skin by some of my brainwashed brothers and sisters to a surprised queenhood in the new Black sunam qualified to enter at least the kindergarten of new consciousness now... I have hopes for myself. Gwendolyn Brooks

If I describe a person's physical appearance in my writing, which I often do, especially in fiction, I never say someone is "black" or "white." I may describe the color of their skin - black eyes, beige skin, blue eyes, dark skin, etc. But I'm not talking about race. Jamaica Kincaid

Nobody knows because Team Obama has conveniently arranged for you to be kept in the dark on your health insurance costs until after everyone votes next week. Hugh Hewitt

Because I was new to comics, I didn't know what to expect! However, I really like working collaboratively [on Dark Tower series], since I feel that - with so many different imaginations working together - the final product is so much richer. I also feel incredibly lucky to be able to work with such an accomplished and experienced team. Robin Furth

Now the dark air is like fire on my skin, And even the moonlight is blinding Townes Van Zandt

Should we distrust the man because his manners are not our manners, and that his skin is dark? James F Cooper

If people wanted to fight me-because of my hair or because my skin was too dark-then I fought them Brooke Valentine

Mix cream concealer with an illuminator so it doesn't sit in your lines but instead throws light on dark circles so your skin looks fresh. Tess Daly

When I was young, to have a big nose, big lips or dark skin was the worst. You were the wretched. Nate Parker

He flushed, the colour dark against his pale skin. 'I mean. Tessa Gray, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?' Jem... Cassandra Clare

You deal with failure - strike, strike, strike - all the time. Acting is like that. You have to have a very thick skin in a way - your hair is too dark, you're too ugly for the part, your audition wasn't good. Benicio Del Toro

Imagine a guy. He's a little taller than you, with perfect skin, skin that just screams "touch me!" and dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes and he looks so sweet and he is sweet. And then have him blush a little. Elizabeth Scott

Each day had a tranquility a timelessness about it so that you wished it would never end. But then the dark skin of the night would peel off and there would be a fresh day waiting for us glossy and colorful as a child's transfer and with the same tinge of unreality. Gerald Durrell

The laughter in his deep-set black eyes, the feverish heat of his big hand around mine, the flash of his white teeth against his dark skin, his face stretching into the wide smile that had always been like a key to a secret door where only kindred spirits could enter. Stephenie Meyer

Through the dark days of legalized segregation and on into the civil rights era, jazz shone as a beacon for achieving interracial respect and understanding. It seemed as if the dream of a color-blind society was within reach in the jazz world, where musicians were judged on merit and not skin color. Randy Sandke

This is really skin privilege, the ranking of color in terms of its closeness to white people or white-skinned people and its devaluation according to how dark one is and the impact that has on people who are dedicated to the privileges of certain levels of skin color. Toni Morrison



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