Targets Quotes


There aren't any good targets in Afghanistan and there are lots of good targets in Iraq. Donald Rumsfeld

The government targets 'Anonymous' for the same reason it targets al-Qaida - because they're the enemy. John Perry Barlow

Cupid is fat and slow and can't hit moving targets. Don Miller

People with targets and jobs dependent upon meeting them will probably meet the targets - even if they have to destroy the enterprise to do it. W Edwards Deming

It is also right that we continue to consult with front line workers and the public to ensure that targets are reasonable and achievable, that measurement regimes are proportionate and that the targets take full account of the other reforms that are under way. John Hutton

You. too, can determine what you want. You can decide on your major objectives, targets, aims, and destination. W Clement Stone

Those who aim low usually hit their targets. James M Barrie

You've got to watch your back. We are targets as basketball payers. Paul Pierce

I learned to shoot more accurately because my teachers held the targets. Maxine Hong Kingston

I'm dealing with soft targets, and it's just strafing runs in my underwear before my first cup of coffee. Charlie Sheen

All of our targets were criminals, they were all operating in violation of international whaling laws. Paul Watson

I made the flags and targets to open men's eyes....(they) were both things - which are seen and not looked at - examined. Jasper Johns

I have never thought where I will go, or forced any targets on myself. Sachin Tendulkar

They were targeting those people I referred to as 'little Eichmanns.' These were legitimate targets. Ward Churchill

The objective of a terrorist is to create political change in the society he targets. Tom Clancy

Once you start bombing in Syria, when you start looking for targets, there will be a lot. Richard Engel

The gravest risks from al Qaeda combine its affinity for big targets and its announced desire for weapons of mass destruction. Barton Gellman

What's happened is that an incessant, an insidious insurgency has repeatedly attacked the key infrastructure targets, reducing outputs. Stuart Bowen

A Syriza government will respect Greece's obligation as a eurozone member to maintain a balanced budget and will commit to quantitative targets. Alexis Tsipras

Customized jewelry is one of my targets with Bold Machines. Bre Pettis



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