Suspicion in Relationships


People who live in transparent bodies shouldn't be so suspicious. Curt Siodmak

There is a great deal of hard lying in the world; especially among people whose characters are above suspicion. Benjamin Jowett

Let every student of nature take this as his rule, that whatever the mind seizes upon with particular satisfaction is to be held in suspicion. Francis Bacon

The cautious wolf fears the pit, the hawk regards with suspicion the snare laid for her, and the fish the hook in its concealment. Horace

Allow me to assure you, that suspicion and jealousy never did help any man in any situation. Abraham Lincoln

English humor resembles the Loch Ness Monster in that both are famous but there is a strong suspicion that neither exists. George Mikes

Many men provoke others to overreach them by excessive suspicion; their extraordinary distrust in some sort justifies the deceit. Seneca the Younger

Do not fret because the world looks with suspicion at every new attempt, even though it be in the path of spirituality. Swami Vivekananda

I believe in trusting. Trust begets trust. Suspicion is foetid and only stinks. He who trusts has never yet lost in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

By approaching everything with a sense of suspicion and struggle, we like to think we're in control of things. But in truth our past karma is simply playing itself out. Instead of struggling with it, however, we can choose to dance. Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

I have a suspicion that the definition of "crazy" in show business is a woman who keeps talking even after no one wants to f*** [sleep with her] anymore. Tina Fey

that strange conflict in the American character: we pride ourselves on being the melting pot of the world but we insist on regarding most immigrants with suspicion. Gene Tierney

Somewhere in the dim recesses of the journalistic soul lies the horrible suspicion: This is really a pretty shallow and maybe unseemly way for a grownup to make a living. Andrew Ferguson

That is perceptive of you, because in this country men dancers have always been viewed with suspicion. If you were an actor, a star, and a dancer, you had to be, or have a name like someone mainstream. Cesar Romero

Today in Germany, everyone is being watched-even the watchers. Abraham Polonsky

A dull head thinks of no better way to show himself wise, than by suspecting everything in his way. Philip Sidney

That knave preserves the pearl in his purse who considers all people purse-cuts. Saadi

With a nearly desperate sense of isolation and a growing suspicion that I lived in an alien land, I took to the road in search of places where change did not mean ruin and where time and men and deeds connected. William Least Heat-Moon

Baseball is something more than a game to an American boy; it is his training field for life's work. Destroy his faith in its squareness and honesty and you have destroyed something more; you have planted suspicion of all things in his heart. Kenesaw Mountain Landis

In matters of the heart as well, a certain level of negativity and suspicion is universally recommended. You may try to project a thoroughly positive outlook in order to attract a potential boyfriend, but you are also advised to Google him. Barbara Ehrenreich



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