Sucker Quotes


I'm a sucker for love Tupac Shakur

It was a sucker punch. But you know who gets hit by sucker punches? Suckers. Max Kellerman

[On Sting] He threw a sucker punch. There's the sucker who threw the punch. Him the the Bart Simpson hair doo. Bobby Heenan

Sucker Punch' is a big girl power movie. Carla Gugino

I'm a sucker for hero worship. Ronald Reagan

I've always been a sucker for attention. Cuba Gooding Jr

I'm a sucker for corn rows and manicured toes. Nelly

I'm a sucker where I love shifting tides. John Krasinski

Get up sucker and fight. Get up and fight Muhammad Ali

I love Snooki. She's a pickle sucker! Holly Madison

I'm a sucker for fried chicken - I really love it. Padma Lakshmi

I'm a sucker for a free tuxedo. Billy Crystal

I'm a sucker for double meanings in titles. Nick Blaemire

Deep fry that sucker! - Garfield Jim Davis

I'm always a sucker for a love story. Sofia Coppola

What do you take me for? A fourteen karat sucker? Stanley Kubrick

I'm a sucker for sad disco pop. Sophie Ellis Bextor

I'm a sucker for packaging! Chloe Sevigny

I'm a huge sucker for comfort. Mia Wasikowska

I am a sucker for jackets! Anna Torv



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