Stupid People


This is not a pleasant route for many young people to consider. You have to be either hopelessly passionate, or very stupid. Twyla Tharp

Falling in love is not at all the most stupid thing that people do - but gravitation cannot be held responsible for it. Albert Einstein

Stupid people are dangerous. Suzanne Collins

Stupid people shouldn't breed. Jenny Holzer

Stupid people should' breed. Jenny Holzer

Stupid people do stupid things, but people who are smart enough can do something really stupid. Robert Charles Wilson

Every day I hear stupid people say things that are not stupid. Michel De Montaigne

The reason producers make stupid movies is because there are stupid people who will pay to see them. Jessica Zafra

The people are not stupid, but they are totally misinformed. Gore Vidal

Anger makes people stupid. William Kennedy

Smart people sometimes get stupid, but stupid people never get smart. Don Winslow

The problem with educating stupid people was that they did' know they were stupid. The same went for curing crazy people. Chuck Palahniuk

Art critic! Is that a profession? When I think we are stupid enough, we painters, to solicit those people's compliments and to put ourselves into their hands! What shame! Should we even accept that they talk about our work? Edgar Degas

Actually, I didn't say that. Mitt Romney

Tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. Mitt Romney

Who let the dogs out? Who, who. Mitt Romney

"No comment" is a comment. George Carlin

So far, this is the oldest I've been. George Carlin

Hooray for most things! George Carlin

Religion is designed for stupid people. Science is designed for stupid people who are embarrassed by their stupidity, who want to do something about it. Paul Lutus



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