Stella Quotes


Stella Duffy is a writer who never lets you down. Ali Smith

The play is not in the words, it's in you! Stella Adler

I felt I didn't belong to either family. Stella Vine

Desire, ask, believe, receive. Stella Terrill Mann

Something nasty in the woodshed. Stella Gibbons

Call no man foe, but never love a stranger. Stella Benson

There's no excuse for fur in this day and age. Stella Mccartney

At times I make music, but in private. Stella Mccartney

Death is not treatment, even if it's medically facilitated. Stella Young

On the whole, my life is and has been wonderful. Stella Young

The play is not in the words, it's in you! Stella Adler

I don't plan massively in advance. Stella Mccartney

Losing my mum. That was a punch-me moment. Stella Mccartney

You see what you know! Frank Stella

Being effortless is the coolest thing in the world Stella Mccartney

A junkie is someone who uses their body to tell society that something is wrong. Stella Adler

Pigmies placed on the shoulders of giants see more than the giants themselves. Didacus Stella

Strength on its own in a woman is quite abrasive and not terribly attractive all the time, Stella Mccartney

My mum taught me to have a soul. Stella Mccartney

People work better when they are afforded to be themselves Stella Mccartney



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