Sowing Seeds of Faith


When we put people before possessions in our hearts, we are sowing seeds of enduring satisfaction. Beverly LaHaye

If we're going to bring out the best in people, we, too, need to sow seeds of encouragement. Joel Osteen

Each day of my life I am sowing seeds that one day I will harvest. Gautama Buddha

I love studying Ancient History and seeing how empires rise and fall, sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Martin Scorsese

You can't sow an apple seed and expect to get an avocado tree. The consequences of your life are sown in what you do and how you behave. Tom Shadyac

The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success. Paramahansa Yogananda

The things we do today - sowing seeds, or sharing simple truths of Christ - people will someday refer to as the first things that prompted them to think of Him. George Matheson

We must find our way back to true nature. We must set ourselves to the task of revitalizing the earth. Regreening the earth, sowing seeds in the desert-that is the path society must follow. Masanobu Fukuoka

The giver gives, but really he is sowing the seed for later, the gift of a rich harvest. Sathya Sai Baba

Through watering the ground of affectionate love with cherishing love, And then sowing the seeds of wishing love and compassion, the medicinal tree of Bodhichitta will grow. Je Tsongkhapa

Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin are sowing the seeds of hatred and division, and there is no need for this hostility in our political discourse. John Lewis

Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed. Robert H Schuller

The hard work of sowing seed in what looks like perfectly empty earth has a time of harvest. All suffering, pain, emptiness, disappointment is seed: sow it in God and He will, finally, bring a crop of joy from it. Eugene H Peterson

I am present at the sowing of the seed of the world. With a geometry of sunbeams, the soul lays the foundations of nature. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Knowledge cultivates your seeds and does not sow in your seeds. Khalil Gibran

Keep on sowing your seed, for you never know which will grow - perhaps it all will. Albert Einstein

Success is... knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others. John C Maxwell

Our mind is like a field, and performing actions is like sowing seeds in that field. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

With every deed you are sowing a seed, though the harvest you may not see. Ella Wheeler Wilcox

He was a martyr of peace but was the victim of hate. If people can't let go of the hatred of their enemies they risk sowing the seeds of hate among themselves. William J Clinton



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