Southern Border Quotes


The work the Mexicans are doing in terms of migration control on Mexico's southern border is crucial to our own border security. Alan Bersin

We've undertaken the most substantial border security measures in a generation to keep our nation and our tax dollars safe and are now in the process of beginning to build a promised wall on the southern border. Donald Trump

I'm Southern Baptist, not a meteorologist. Willard Scott

Jeb [Bush] said when they [people influenced by ISIS] come across the southern border they come as an act of love. Donald Trump

I will build a great, great wall on our southern border and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Donald Trump

We're not going to have a wall [on Southern border] like now which is either non-existent or a joke. Donald Trump

On the campaign trail, [Donald] Trump has threatened a trade war and repeatedly said that Mexico will pay for a wall on the Southern border. Steve Kornacki

Fully fund the construction of a wall on our southern border. Don't worry about it. Remember, I said Mexico is paying for the wall. Hari Sreenivasan

I like health-conscious cooking, but growing up in the South, I do love southern cooking; southern France, southern Italy, southern Spain. I love southern cooking. Clarence Clemons

We have people from the Middle East, from Asia, from all over the world that are coming through the southern border. Some are coming to work. But it's a porous border that would allow terrorists, al Qaeda and other entities to come in this country who want to do America harm. That's the reason securing the border is a national security issue. Paul Broun

The truth is this: I am a Southern Baptist, and the great majority of Southern Baptists are lost. Paul Washer

I don't necessarily think of it as Southern comedy. I just think I'm a comedian and I have a Southern accent. Jeff Foxworthy

Protecting the sovereignty of the United States, putting a wall on the southern border, making sure that criminals are not part of our process. These are all things that 80 percent of Americans agree with, and these are all things that President Trump is doing. Reince Priebus

I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words. Donald Trump

We are letting people into America that are going to cause problems and crime like you've never seen. We're also letting drugs pour through our southern border at a record clip. At a record clip. And it shouldn't be allowed to happen. Donald Trump

I don't think immigration is what's happening in our country. I think an invasion is what is happening, particularly southern border. Rush Limbaugh

Actually the idea of having Mexico pay for the wall on the southern border is a nonstarter. That seems to be generally pretty much recognized on both sides of the border. What you find, though, is that logistically it's not impossible. Evan Osnos

Amnesty is a disaster, we need strong borders. We have no country if we have no border. In New Hampshire, the biggest complaint is heroin, pouring across the southern border. We have to have strong borders, keep the drugs out. I want a wall. I want to get the drug lords out; then we can at a later date make a determination as to the rest. Donald Trump

While a strong presence on our southern border is imperative, the border cannot be secured unless we enforce our internal laws and stop ignoring the open complicity of U.S. companies and foreign nations to promote illegal activities. Elton Gallegly

Canadians shouldn't come down to Southern California and take jobs away from Mexicans. Stanley Ralph Ross



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