Southern Belles Quotes


A chorus of tough southern belles whispered, You need a loyal husband around here. Loyal to you, loyal to your family, loyal to your land. I added, Good in bed, smart, and romantic. Politically, socially, and religiously compatible. And he had to want children. Deborah Smith

I was always the Southern gentleman. Lance Bass

I'm a southern gentleman. Jamie Foxx

I'm Southern Baptist, not a meteorologist. Willard Scott

I like health-conscious cooking, but growing up in the South, I do love southern cooking; southern France, southern Italy, southern Spain. I love southern cooking. Clarence Clemons

The truth is this: I am a Southern Baptist, and the great majority of Southern Baptists are lost. Paul Washer

I don't necessarily think of it as Southern comedy. I just think I'm a comedian and I have a Southern accent. Jeff Foxworthy

To frame the little animal, provide All the gay hues that wait on female pride: Let Nature guide thee; sometimes golden wire The shining belles of the fly require; The peacock's plumes thy tackle must not fail, Nor the dear purchase of the sable's tail. John Gay

Everyone should study at least enough philosophy and belles-lettres to make his sexual experience more delectable. Georg C Lichtenberg

I grew up in southern California in the 80s. Yes, I am a walking cliche. John Scalzi

Canadians shouldn't come down to Southern California and take jobs away from Mexicans. Stanley Ralph Ross

Disneyland remains the central attraction of Southern California, but the graveyard remains our reality. Charles Bukowski

Southern women like their men religious and a little mad. Michael Shaara

Southern women can say more with a cut of their eyes than a whole debate club's worth of speeches. Allison Glock

From time to time the continent shifts, and everything that isn't fastened down slides into Southern California. Frank Lloyd Wright

Southern California doesn't know whether to bustle or just strangle itself on the spot. Neal Stephenson

I like southern girls. They talk so slow that by the time they say no, I made it already. Rodney Dangerfield

I'm an Asian with a Southern accent. To a lot of people, that right there is funny. Henry Cho

The most beautiful voice in the world is that of an educated Southern woman. Winston Churchill

I'm a Southern girl. I like when they open the door and pull out a chair. I'm really into a man's man. Brooke Burns



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