Slowly But Surely Quotes


Slowly but surely, the older I get, the fatter I get. It just goes. John Dimaggio

Slowly but surely, we're beginning to turn the tide on childhood obesity in America. Together, we are inspiring leaders from every sector to take ownership of this issue. Michelle Obama

We are reducing the number of relationships. We are slowly but surely consuming the massive reserves of energy that have been accumulating and are stored in the ecosystems. Gunter Pauli

I am not afraid of the priests in the long-run. Scientific method is the white ant which will slowly but surely destroy their fortifications. And the importance of scientific method in modern practical life-always growing and increasing-is the guarantee for the gradual emancipation of the ignorant upper and lower classes, the former of whom especially are the strength of the priests. Thomas Huxley

Science moves, but slowly, slowly, creeping on from point to point. Alfred the Great

Democracy does not race, it reaches the finish slowly but surely. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The progress of the world through all its evils making it fit for the ideals, slowly but surely. Swami Vivekananda

Slowly but surely, the U.S. military is being converted into a global oil-protection service. Michael Klare

More people than ever are slowly but surely turning their ears toward poetry Saul Williams

In the absence of love, we began slowly but surely to fall apart. Marianne Williamson

Slowly but surely, we are acquiring that famous culture of democracy, which is our objective. Paul Biya

Most music careers slowly but surely go down. Malik Bendjelloul

Slowly but surely the sea is freezing over. Robert Falcon Scott

My stuff always starts with interviews. I start interviewing people, and then slowly but surely, a movie insinuates itself. Errol Morris

We have to keep letting go, and slowly and surely the great full life of God will invade us in every part, and men will take knowledge of us that we have been with Jesus. Oswald Chambers

Time moves slowly, but passes quickly. Alice Walker

Surely there is a time to submit to guidance and a time to take one's own way at all hazards. Thomas Huxley

Little by little, even with other cares, the slowly but surely working poison of the garden-mania begins to stir in my long-sluggish veins. Henry James

Memory is so corrupt that you remember only what you want to; if you want to forget about something, slowly but surely you do. Stefan Zweig

People were interesting at first. Then later, slowly but surely, all the flaws and madness would manifest themselves. I would become less and less to them; they would mean less and less to me. Charles Bukowski



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