Slow Poison Quotes


Politeness is the slow poison of collaboration. Edwin H. Land

Apathy is the slow poison coursing through the body politic that paves the way to tyranny. Laurence Overmire

Consistency in opinion is the slow poison of intellectual life, the destroyer of its vividness and energy. Humphry Davy

He is certainly as guilty of suicide who perishes by a slow, as he who is despatched by an immediate, poison. Richard Steele

"State," I call it, where they all drink poison, the good and the wicked; "state," where they all lose themselves, the good and the wicked; "state," where they all call their slow suicide-"life." Friedrich Nietzsche

I am like a snake who has already bitten. I retreat from a direct battle while knowing the slow effect of the poison. Anais Nin

He who has fostered the sweet poison of love by fondling it, finds it too late to refuse the yoke which he has of his own accord assumed. Seneca the Younger

Drunkenness is a flattering devil, a sweet poison, a pleasant sin, which whosoever hath, hath not himself, which whosoever doth commit, doth not commit sin, but he himself is wholly sin. Saint Augustine

I only suggest to you: Will you dwell on killing this man? You wish for revenge? If you do, he has already killed you by slow poison. So, let it go. Why waste your time? His life will see to his death. Lloyd Alexander

That slow poison [slavery] is daily contaminating the minds and morals of our people. Every gentlemen here is born a petty tyrant, practiced in acts of despotism and cruelty. George Mason

Fear is good, for it makes us cautious and aids survival. Not so with terror. It is like slow poison, paralyzing the limbs and blurring the mind. . . Never, when in danger, ask yourself, What will they do to me? Instead think, What can I do to prevent them? David Gemmell

This long peace, and the uniform government of the Romans, introduced a slow and secret poison into the vitals of the empire. The minds of men were gradually reduced to the same level, the fire of genius was extinguished, and even the military spirit evaporated. Edward Gibbon

Rock n' roll is poison put to sound. Pablo Casals

His face is livid, gaunt his whole body, his breath is green with gall; his tongue drips poison. John Quincy Adams

We are supposed to call poison medicine and we wonder why we're always sick. Stefan Molyneux

I look at ANWR (Artic National Wildlife Refuge) as a poison pill in the energy bill. Ben Nelson

Woes and wonders of Power, that tonic hell, synthesis of poison and panacea. Emile M Cioran

Alas! they had been friends in youth; but whispering tongues can poison truth. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

White is poison to a picture: use it only in highlights. Peter Paul Rubens

The vast majority of psychopaths, like an iceberg, are underwater, and like an iceberg, they are inert. They do nothing. They're just there. They torment their spouse by being unempathic, but they don't beat her or kill her. They bully coworkers, but they don't burn the office. They are not dramatic. They are pernicious. Most psychopaths are subtle. They are more like poison than a knife, and they are more like slow-working poison than cyanide. Sam Vaknin



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