Sleep in College Quotes


Some people talk in their sleep. Lecturers talk while other people sleep. Albert Camus

I think sleeping was my problem in school. If school had started at 4:00 in the afternoon, I'd be a college graduate today. George Foreman

I hated high school. Ugh. I couldn't wait until it was over so I could sleep in. In college, I made sure all my classes were in the afternoon. I hated getting up in the morning. Mario Cantone

In college, you had to worry about that math class or this exam that's coming up on Tuesday, but not in the professionals. You eat, sleep, and do everything related to your craft - and your craft is football. You can be at it from sunup to sundown. Cam Newton

High school and college were my punk, formative years. I was playing hardcore, learning to be a musician. In bands, you tour, but you're paid nothing; you're playing to 50 people in a basement, sleeping in a van, and you love it. Steve Aoki

College is about three things: homework, fun, and sleep...but you can only choose two. Andy Stern

As I look back on the day I signed my professional contract in 1973, I've never gone to sleep wondering if I could pay the bills or take care of my family. That's what basketball has done for me. It's given me the greatest of thrills from high school to college to the Olympics to coaching to broadcasting. Doug Collins

People don't understand: I've always been busy. They think that, "Oh, he's too busy, blah blah blah...," but for me, this is how it's always been. I took 18 credits every semester of college, graduated in three years, took graduate school courses, played football and baseball my whole college career. I've never stopped, and that's where that phrase "No Time 2 Sleep" is always true. I get motivated by success, by winning, by being around great people. Russell Wilson

In real life, I first started sleep walking in high school because that was when this concept of getting into college first appeared. I had this moment of, 'Oh! This is going to affect the rest of my life.' Mike Birbiglia

Your college education is a key moment in life. Robert Greene

I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know? Ernest Hemingway

I graduated from college in 1980. Charlie Kaufman

I cannot go to sleep with dishes in the sink. Gwyneth Paltrow

Sleep, sleep, beauty bright, Dreaming o'er the joys of night. Sleep, sleep: in thy sleep Little sorrows sit and weep. William Blake

Go to sleep in peace. God is awake. Victor Hugo

It was well after college that I learned about depression. I got my first job for Jack Paar. I realized I was sleeping 14 hours a day and just living for the Paar show. Dick Cavett

In college you learn about college Jermaine O'Neal

I would certainly make the attendance in college paid for, at least at a community college level or a state - you know, a sponsored university level so that if you wanted to go to college and if you had the grades - you might not go to Harvard - but you went to college. Mitch Albom

Not being able to sleep is terrible. You have the misery of having partied all night... Without the satisfaction. Lynn Johnston

College football is the only game in the country, of any kind, that the college game is longer than the pro game. Nick Saban



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