Singing Notes


When I'm in the car and somebody comes on the radio singing the high notes, I try to sing along. Burton Cummings

I know I'm known for singing some of those high notes, but that's really not what giving someone goosebumps is all about. It's about really trying to find what makes you unique. Idina Menzel

We [ Paverment] were definitely unafraid of playing wrong notes and singing wrong things. We could be fearlessly bad! Stephen Malkmus

Sometimes I write notes that I have difficulty singing. Elvis Costello

I was singing about six notes higher than I had to, in a range that kept me up in a bubblegum sound. Nancy Sinatra

When I'm singing at the piano and I'm having a really nice fun day singing, if I have a headache, the headache will immediately dissipate just the notes going through my head. Gino Vannelli

There is no such thing as a wrong note ... just as long as you're singing along. Pete Seeger

I use both instruments with their strengths in mind. Mandolin - no sustain and attack of the right hand, for rhythm. Fiddle - use sustain of the bow and the ability to slide the non-fretted notes, like singing. Sam Bush

How often from the steep Of echoing hill or thicket have we heard Celestial voices to the midnight air, Sole, or responsive each to other's note, Singing their great Creator? John Milton

You can alter movie singing so much because you go into the recording studio and, just technology for recording has gotten so good, you can hold out a note and they can combine a note from take 2 and a note from take 8. Anne Hathaway

I've tried to write songs for other people and it usually requires them singing it and then changing the phrasing. I can put a lot of words in a song, and one of the reasons is, I'm not that good of a singer, so I don't hold a lot of notes. Craig Finn

Sometimes I write notes that I have difficulty singing. And you start talking yourself out of the bold melody and start wanting to arrange it in another key or something. Maybe I just never learned my harmony part, because what everybody says sounds odd to them sounds perfectly natural to me. Elvis Costello

April 19 And now it is spring. Birds are singing. Wistful notes and jubilant. And bare streets and no need for coats, and skipping ropes and bicycles and a thin new moon. Elizabeth Smart

Like how stars might sound. Or moons But not mountains. Too floaty for mountains. It's a sound like one planet singing to another, high stretched and full of different voices starting at different notes and sloping down to other different notes but all weaving together in a rope of sound that's sad but not sad and slow but not slow and all singing one word. One word. Patrick Ness

I'm singing. I'm a singer! Randy Travis

My love of singing is hereditary. Susan Boyle

I love music, and I love singing. Ben Barnes

He who sings frightens away his ills. Miguel De Cervantes

But I was singing loud, and most singers weren't singing loud. Little Richard

Singing a melody is like a lot of easier and when you sing harmony you have to really kind of know music and listen to the music and be able to hear the notes or whatever. Kenan Thompson



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