Singing Career Quotes


I miss my singing career very much. Elvis Presley

Sinatra was the biggest influence on my life, my singing career. And rightly so. I mean he was the best singer ever. James Darren

There are a lot of unseen elements to having a successful singing career. Lesley Garrett

I left my record label, Polydor, by mutual agreement, but I'm going to carry on with my singing career. Alex Parks

The most enjoyable part of my career is singing live. Luis Miguel

It's human nature to gripe, but I'm going ahead and doing the best I can. Elvis Presley

I've been singing my whole life and I've always wanted to be able to pursue a music career. Corbin Bleu

I think there's no sacrifice too great for family, whether it's career, singing, whatever. Anita Baker

I love singing, and I came to absolutely adore it in the later part of my career. Julie Andrews

I have always been intrigued with singing and I actually started my career in musical comedies. Janine Turner

I'm not going to do anything that will damage my voice because my voice is my career and singing is my passion. I was singing in the cot and I'll still be singing when they're nailing down my coffin. Pixie Lott

I've always been a bit of a decorator. I think if I wasn't a singer I'd probably be in stage setting or interior design or something. I like clutter and I'm quite visually greedy. I can't have things to be plain; I have to have things looking interesting maybe I'm just a frustrated interior designer stuck in a singing career. Florence Welch

I have done a bit of recording and the songs are available on iTunes, and I've got some nice comments. It's something I enjoy doing, but I'm not looking for a singing career any time soon. As long as one person gets enjoyment out of it, I'm happy to make it available. Tom Felton

I'm not looking for career attention, for more success, more money. I'm just singing songs I chose because I love them. Celine Dion

My Mozart career began as a teenager in Los Angeles, singing arias from 'Le Nozze di Figaro' and 'Don Giovanni.' Danielle De Niese

My singing really seemed to connect with people, and it ended up as my main career, which I love. Mayer Hawthorne

Until we meet again, may God bless you as he has blessed me. Elvis Presley

I've been singing my whole life, since I was a kid; but never formally as a career. I did it in plays when I was younger, and I sang all styles of music: everything from Italian opera to blues. Brittany Murphy

There were times in my career I went a little further than I wanted because of expectations. Doing certain things onstage when children were in the audience, wearing certain clothes, singing certain lyrics. Cheryl James

'Insatiable', the album, was more of a project, really... it was more like a songwriting excursion and an exclusive deal that hadn't really ever been done that often before... me being like, 'ooh I'm an entrepreneur', rather than 'this is my singing career'. Nadine Coyle



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