Simon Peter Quotes


Jordan's third favourite tit and second favourite twat - it's Peter Andre! Simon Amstell

Peter Mandelson is the only man I know who can skulk in broad daylight. Simon Hoggart

Simon Cowell seems like a very nice guy, but I think he's a secondhand Mickie Most to be honest. Peter Noone

Simon Peter, who embarrassed the other disciples at the Last Supper by asking for seconds. Never got a dinner! Red Buttons

I don't really view myself as an actor. Simon Bird

I never really sympathised with Peter Parker. Jamie Bell

I want to be on set and die hearing those words: Where's Peter? Peter Fonda

There are pop managers, and then there's Simon Cowell, who isn't gay, Jewish or particularly riveting. He's not without interest but he doesn't exactly have the hinterland of, say, Brian Epstein. Peter York

Simon Cowell seems like a very nice guy, but I think hes a secondhand Mickie Most to be honest. Peter Noone

Ah, who could have ever foretold that that little retrousse nose would change the laws of an empire. Charles Simon Favart

Meryl Streep is so brilliant is because she is so human, and aware as a performer. Simon Helberg

Charlie Hebdo were the licensed anarchist clowns of the society. Scott Simon

Aerial flight is one of that class of problems with which men will never have to cope. Simon Newcomb

I'm married, so I tend not to hit on every girl. Simon Helberg

One movie I come back to time and again is 'The Hustler.' I don't think there's better dialogue in any film. Simon Kinberg

I just want to keep learning. Simon Kinberg

Nothing lives up to what you imagine. It changes, shifts, becomes something else. Simon Kinberg

I always felt that my way into comedy would be through my writing rather than my acting. Simon Bird

It's a very strange and quite terrifying experience to watch yourself on TV. I never like to do it with other people. Simon Bird

People assume that because you are on TV you must be a millionaire, but unfortunately it doesn't work like that. Simon Bird



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