Shane Claiborne Quotes


Charity is merely returning what we have stolen. Shane Claiborne

Violence is for those who have lost their imagination. Shane Claiborne

Dance until they kill you, and then we'll dance some more. Shane Claiborne

There are some things to die for but none to kill for. Shane Claiborne

The question becomes not just how to accumulate more, but how to covet less. Shane Claiborne

A lot of the world looks to the United States, whether we like it or not. Shane Claiborne

I would love to see the Church on the right side of history. Shane Claiborne

It's not that hard to say slavery is wrong after we've abolished it. Shane Claiborne

I'm excited we can be part of making the death penalty history. Shane Claiborne

I guess God can use the mafia, but I would like God to use the church. Shane Claiborne

There is one big misunderstanding of the monastics leaving society. Shane Claiborne

The dreams get anchored in aged wisdom not some utopian fantasy. Shane Claiborne

To be nonpartisan doesn't mean we're nonpolitical. Shane Claiborne

God comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable. Shane Claiborne

The true atheist is the one who refuses to see God's image in the face of their neighbour. Shane Claiborne

The church is like Noah's ark. It stinks, but if you get out of it, you'll drown. Shane Claiborne

It's hard to hear the gentle whisper of the Spirit amid the noise of Christendom. Shane Claiborne

There is nothing more sickening than talking about poverty over a fancy dinner. Shane Claiborne

Someday war and poverty will be crazy and we will wonder how the world allowed such things to exist. Shane Claiborne

The love that makes community is the willingness to do someone else's dirty work. Shane Claiborne



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