Sassy Quotes About Limits


I am passionate about tea, running, the idea that we are bound only by the limits of our imaginations, and maple syrup. Misha Collins

True wisdom lies in one's confession about the limits of one's knowledge. Socrates

I like my wine and vodka, but that doesn't mean I fall about drunk. I know my limits. Ridley Scott

The best thing about Sassy Seats is that grandmothers cannot figure out how they work and are in constant fear of the child's falling. This often makes them forget to comment on other aspects of the child's development, like why he is not yet talking or is still wearing diapers. Some grandmothers will spend an entire meal peering beneath the table and saying, "Is that thing steady?" rather than, "Have you had a doctor look at that left hand? Anna Quindlen

More of your conversation would infect my brain. William Shakespeare

Shake what ya momma gave ya and most of all be sassy Kim Kardashian

Life is not about discovering our talents; it is about pushing our talents to the limit and discovering our genius. Robert Breault

Realization is not knowledge about the universe, but the living experience of the nature of the universe. Until we have such living experience, we remain dependent on examples, and subject to their limits. Namkhai Norbu

Moore's Law is really a thing about human activity, it's about vision, it's about what you're allowed to believe. Because people are really limited by their beliefs, they limit themselves by what they allow themselves to believe about what is possible. Carver Mead

I love the fact that not many people can say 'Oh, I went out and ran 20 miles today.' I love how much dedication it takes and how much you learn a lot about yourself, your physical and mental limits. There's just something about it. Shalane Flanagan

If you think about it, an unfair society is a society that makes it possible for you to exploit your abilities to the limit. Haruki Murakami

No man can take your freedom from you. They can limit your mobility, but that's about all they can do Danielle Steel

Self-leadership is about awareness, tolerance , and not letting your own natural tendencies limit your potential. Scott Belsky

I want to limit the effects of the power of donors, no question about it. David Brooks

Things that Never Cross a Mans Mind is probably one of my favorite upbeat tempo songs because it is just a sassy song, and its a fun song. Kellie Pickler

Knowledge about yourself binds, weighs, ties you down; there is no freedom to move, and you act and move within the limits of thatknowledge. Learning about yourself is never the same as accumulating knowledge about yourself. Learning is active present and knowledge is the past; if you are learning to accumulate, it ceases to be learning; knowledge is static, more can be added to it or taken away from it, but learning is active, nothing can be added or taken away from it for there is no accumulation at any time. Jiddu Krishnamurti

In fact, corporations are the infants of our society - they know very little except how to grow (though they're very good at that), and they howl when you set limits. Socializing them is the work of politics. It's about time we took it up again. Bill Mckibben

Some of the press who speak loudly about the freedom of the press are themselves the enemies of freedom. Countless people dare not say a thing because they know it will be picked up and made a song of by the press. That limits freedom. Geoffrey Fisher

Nobody had a bigger heart or passion to win than America's Greatest Running Legend, Steve Prefontaine "Pre." Watch the movies Prefontaine, Without Limits, or Fire on the Track to see what I'm talking about. Robert Cheeke

I scared myself, because once you've thought long and hard enough about doing something that is colossally stupid, you feel like you've actually done it, and then you're never quite sure what your limits are. Laurie Halse Anderson



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