Sassy Princess Quotes and Sayings


Arrakis teaches the attitude of the knife - chopping off what's incomplete and saying: 'Now, it's complete because it's ended here.' - from "Collected Sayings of Maud'Dib' by the Princess Irulan Frank Herbert

O braggart vile and damned furious wight! William Shakespeare

He is white-livered and red-faced. William Shakespeare

My personality is up and down, sassy and cheeky. Katy Perry

Shake what ya momma gave ya and most of all be sassy Kim Kardashian

I just admire a funny, confident, sassy woman and hopefully I'm that person. Denise Bidot

Performers like Tommy Cooper, who are always getting things wrong, are much more endearing than comedians who are sassy and smart. Ade Edmondson

Just because I'm sassy and have a mouth on me doesn't mean I'm coming from a negative place. Kesha

My cats are really sassy and sophisticated, but most importantly, they are picky. Jason Wu

I like to sing along to Annie Lennox and pretend to be as sassy as her. Sophie Thompson

I'm a strong person. I'm also very sassy and a little bit angsty sometimes. Ashley Tisdale

There is in every truth a wise saying, and in every contradiction, two wise sayings. Robert Breault

I get worried for young girls sometimes; I want them to feel that they can be sassy and full and weird and geeky and smart and independent, and not so withered and shriveled. Amy Poehler

There are very few shows that show women talking like strong, sassy women. Do you know what I mean? Sex and the City started doing that, and that was why that was such a huge hit. Katie Aselton

Things that Never Cross a Mans Mind is probably one of my favorite upbeat tempo songs because it is just a sassy song, and its a fun song. Kellie Pickler

Just saw a woman with a t-shirt that said southern and sassy, it's all good. Well madame, I beg to differ, it is in fact, not 'all good'. Dov Davidoff

My contributions were many: First clown director, with witty sayings and flashily dressed, now called master of ceremonies. Jelly Roll Morton

Princess Diana was a wonderful, caring philanthropist. She would come sometimes into the church and sit at the back and pray. Princess Diana

I pretend I am a princess,so that I can try and behave like one. Frances Hodgson Burnett

Holly is alive,' thought Foaly 'My princess lives,'exulted Orion. 'And we're chasing a dragon Eoin Colfer



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