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Alaska Governor Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey, though she said she was amazed to find out that, besides being a bird, Turkey is also a country. Did you see that all over the Internet today? While Sarah Palin was pardoning a turkey, right behind her was a guy slaughtering turkeys. But, see, like most Internet stories, a little half-true. Turns out that, after a couple of minutes listening to Sarah Palin's voice, the turkeys said 'Kill us now.' Jay Leno

Nothing surprises me anymore. We'll keep doing what we're doing. I'm going to keep going forward with solutions that I want to see applied to this great country, the challenges that we're facing. And things like that [e-mails as governor published] are going to be perhaps a distraction for others. They won't distract me. Sarah Palin

there was an assumption that I was personally attacking Sarah Palin by impersonating her on TV. No one ever said it was 'mean' when Chevy Chase played Gerald Ford falling down all the time. No one ever accused Dana Carvey or Darrell Hammond or Dan Aykroyd of 'going too far' in their political impressions. You see what I'm getting at here. I am not mean and Mrs. Palin is not fragile. To imply otherwise is a disservice to us both. Tina Fey

Persecution means an attempt to drive out, attempt to subjugate, and there are various ways that that can be done. Sarah Palin's opponents and her critics would like to see her leave the public square by insulting, degrading, demeaning, abusing and ridiculing her, and - by pretending that she has nothing to say. Matthew Continetti

Sarah Palin should not be on vacation. She should be in summer school. Bill Maher

Sarah Palin finally heard what happened in Japan and she's demanding that we invade 'Tsunami.' Bill Maher

They say the oil spill has the potential to kill more wildlife than a Sarah Palin hunting trip. David Letterman

On a trip to Israel, Sarah Palin asked the Israelis why they're apologizing all the time. They responded saying, 'Because we told everyone Tina Fey was coming.' Conan O'Brien

With so much at stake in this election, both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan should 'go rogue.' Sarah Palin

Children with special needs inspire a special love. Sarah Palin

I am pro-life and I believe that marriage should only be between and man and a woman. Sarah Palin

Abraham Lincoln suggested never presume to know what God's will is, and I would never presume to know God's will or to speak God's words. Sarah Palin

I am all for contraception. And I am all for preventative measures that are legal and safe, and should be taken. Sarah Palin

I am one to believe that life starts at the moment of conception. Sarah Palin

Bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie annoy me. Sarah Palin

Rain is something the democrats use to sell umbrellas. Sarah Palin

It's very noble of President Obama to want to stay at the helm and maybe go down with this sinking ship. Sarah Palin

John McCains choice of Sarah Palin as running mate is the towering example of his poor judgment. Palins ignorance of public affairs is monumental. Edgar Bronfman Sr

Easter time reminds us that we have every right to believe that this hope is based on time-tested truths and a solid foundation. Sarah Palin

Ground Zero Mosque supporters: doesn't it stab you in the heart, as it does ours throughout the heartland? Peaceful Muslims, pls refudiate. Sarah Palin



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