Sam Jackson Quotes


It was a great honor to be called a mo-fo by Sam Jackson. Christian Bale

Can you imagine saying 'Hi' to Sam Jackson and he goes and gives you a hug? It's like being hugged by a lion. Demian Bichir

You take the quote from Sam Jackson about how he'll never work with a rapper, and I can understand where he's coming from because he says rappers can't act. Anthony Anderson

Sam Jackson is like the Jeezy of Hollywood: He's for his people. Young Jeezy

When I was a little girl - well, like, a teenager - I wanted to be Sam Jackson. I always wanted to be men. Christina Ricci

Sam Jackson is a director's dream. Some actors hope to find their character during shooting. He knows his character before shooting. Sam's old-school. I just got out of his way. I never did more than two takes with Sam.-william friedkin William Friedkin

They all matter to me, whether I'm working on a Sam Jackson film for a week or I'm the star of my own TV series - I take it all very seriously, and I have a healthy respect for the work in general, despite the role. Anthony Michael Hall

Oh boy, I grew up hearing Sam Cooke, The Soul Stirrers, Mahalia Jackson, sitting on Mahalia Jackson's lap in my dad's church. Merry Clayton

Quentin Tarantino and Sam Jackson are the reasons I'm an actor. Ato Essandoh

I guess the worst day I have had was when I had to stand up in rehab in front of my wife and daughter and say 'Hi, my name is Sam and I am an addict. Samuel L Jackson

I never thought I'd be working with Sam [L.Jackson] .That's about as good as it gets. Samuel L Jackson

If you're familiar with my man Uncle Sam, you understand the only way you can actually feel better about what he's gonna take, come the end of the year, is lifestyle. Only thing you can do is spend some of it. Curtis Jackson

I started with Sam Cooke when I was 6 or 7 years old. Bobby Womack

Lose your smile and lose your customers. Sam Walton

It's so hard to decide what to leave out. Sam Keith

Some things can be done as well as others. Sam Patch

One person seeking glory doesn't accomplish very much. Sam Walton

Loosen up, and everybody around you will loosen up. Sam Walton

I'm good at keeping secrets. Sam Taylorwood

I got into retailing because I wanted a real job. Sam Walton



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