Saint Thomas Quotes


For me to be a saint means to be myself. Thomas Merton

To be a saint is to be yourself. Thomas Merton

Saints are what they are not because their sanctity makes them admirable to others, but because the gift of sainthood makes it possible for them to admire everyone else. Thomas Merton

Nothing, how little so ever it be, if it is suffered for God's sake, can pass without merit in the sight of God. Thomas A Kempis

As long as I continue to take myself seriously, how can I consider myself a saint? How can I consider myself a contemplative? For the self I bother about does not really exist, never will, never did except in my own imagination. Thomas Merton

Hurry ruins saints as well as artists. They want quick success, and they are in such a hurry to get it that they cannot take time to be true to themselves. And when the madness is upon them, they argue that their very haste is a species of integrity. Thomas Merton

I have a portrait of Saint Thomas More in my office. Andrew Cuomo

What does it take to become a saint? Will it. Thomas Aquinas

O my God, how happy should I be to hear from Thy lips those words which Thou didst once address to Saint Thomas of Aquin: Thou hast spoken well of Me, Pierre! Peter Julian Eymard

Even theologians, even the great theologians of the thirteenth century, even Saint Thomas Aquinas himself did not trust to faith alone, or assume the existence of God. Henry Adams

To convert somebody go and take them by the hand and guide them. Thomas Aquinas

As long as we are on earth, the love that unites us will bring us suffering by our very contact with one another, because this love is the resetting of a body of broken bones. Even saints cannot live with saints on this earth without some anguish. There are two things which men can do about the pain of disunion with other men. They can love or they can hate. Thomas Merton

No member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who has canned peas, topped beets, hauled hay, shoveled coal, or helped in any way to serve others ever forgets or regrets the experience of helping provide for those in need. Thomas S Monson

Who praiseth Saint Peter, doth not blame Saint Paul. George Herbert

This will equally apply to every Latter-day Saint. Salvation is an individual operation. Thomas S Monson

Sin may rebel, but it shall never reign in any saint. Thomas Brooks

The lily is all in white, like a saint, And so is no mate for me. Thomas Hood

He that falls into sin is a man; that grieves at it, is a saint; that boasteth of it, is a devil. Thomas Fuller

We can't have full knowledge all at once. We must start by believing; then afterwards we may be led on to master the evidence for ourselves. Thomas Aquinas

All the efforts of the human mind cannot exhaust the essence of a single fly. Thomas Aquinas



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