Russia Quotes


Goodness, how sad is our Russia! Nikolai Gogol

Only in Russia poetry is respected-it gets people killed. Osip Mandelstam

Russia will become beacons of hope for the world. Edgar Cayce

Russia doesn't negotiate with terrorists. It destroys them. Vladimir Putin

We intend to remake the Gentiles - what the Communists are doing in Russia. Menachem Begin

Not a single reform effort in Russia has ever been completed. Boris Yeltsin

I'm big in Russia, but no one's quite sure why. Sophie Ellis Bextor

They wouldn't let us into Russia. They thought we'd corrupt the youth or something. Freddie Mercury

I can See Russia from my back yard. Sarah Palin

In Russia there are no roads - only areas. Napoleon Bonaparte

In Russia there is no philosophy, but philosophize everything, even the small fry. Anton Chekhov

I own nothing in Russia. I have no loans in Russia. I don't have any deals in Russia. Donald Trump

Russia can never be an empire unless it is in control of Ukraine. Marvin Kalb

We've grown accustomed to injustice in Russia. People are constantly being arrested unlawfully. Alexei Navalny

I don't feel any connection to Russia. Anton Yelchin

Russia is an Eastern Orthodox country. Vladimir Zhirinovsky

People in Russia adapt to misery by a deep, deep humor. Ian Frazier

The fact is that Americans were sent to Russia that have not been returned. Bo Gritz

Western States keep playing with, and around, Russia. Aslan Maskhadov

My family is from Russia and Poland. We never had that thing with the German Jews. Rhea Perlman



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