Richard Branson Teach Employee


A company's employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product Richard Branson

Loyal employees in any company create loyal customers, who in turn create happy shareholders. Richard Branson

Your company should act as a springboard for ambitious employees, not a set of shackles. Richard Branson

Your employees are your company's real competitive advantage. They're the ones making the magic happen-so long as their needs are being met. Richard Branson

It isn't effective or productive to force your employees to do anything. Choice empowers people and makes for a more content workforce. Richard Branson

A company is people ... employees want to know... am I being listened to or am I a cog in the wheel? People really need to feel wanted. Richard Branson

If you look for the best in your employees, they'll flourish. If you criticize or look for the worst, they'll shrivel up. We all need lots of watering. Richard Branson

The first thing to look for when searching for a great employee is somebody with a personality that fits with your company culture. Most skills can be learned, but it is difficult to train people on their personality. If you can find people who are fun, friendly, caring and love helping others, you are on to a winner. Richard Branson

People flourish if they"re praised. Richard Branson

Nothing else even comes close. Richard Branson

Listen. Take the best. Leave the rest. Richard Branson

Learn to look after your staff first and the rest will follow Richard Branson

Money is a poor indicator of success. Richard Branson

Remember the to-do list but don't forget the to-be list. Richard Branson

I myself have benefited from many mentors throughout my life. Richard Branson

Success Comes from listening to your customer. Richard Branson

No matter how big you are, details count! Richard Branson

Money is only interesting for what it lets you do and create. Richard Branson

Just start. You will learn so many lessons just by doing. Richard Branson

Consider getting smaller in order to get bigger. Richard Branson



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