Rhetoric Adams Quotes


While sticks and stones break bones, words can never hurt? Manifestly untrue. Politics everywhere are holistic, interconnected, and the rhetoric of right or left can produce toxic atmospheres in which lunacy thrives. Phillip Adams

Unquestionably, American political rhetoric can be repugnant, and the Right can certainly be as guilty as the Left. John Podhoretz

we have let rhetoric do the job of poetry. Cherrie Moraga

Narrative living is the beginning of rhetoric. N.D. Wilson

Rhetoric matters, but at the end of the day policy matters more. Garry Kasparov

Marco Rubio is a talented young man, but record trumps rhetoric. Tom Ridge

The American people must not buy into the Democrat rhetoric. Virginia Foxx

Rhetoric is cheap, evidence comes more dearly. John Fund

rhetoric is will doing the work of imagination. William Butler Yeats

Power is the most persuasive rhetoric. Friedrich Schiller

We are looking for bipartisan solutions not partisan rhetoric. Paul Ryan

What I hope we will see from [Donald] Trump very quickly is inclusive rhetoric and rhetoric that brings the temperature down and comforts people so that children feel safe going to school. Margaret Hoover

At some point the rhetoric runs out, and we have to ask ourselves, 'Are we simply going to standby while somebody's rhetoric is good, but their actions are so lousy?' Are we going to stand up for that? Matt Gonzalez

Rhetoric does not get you anywhere, because Hitler and Mussolini are just as good at rhetoric. But if you can bring these people down with comedy, they stand no chance. Mel Brooks

I come from a world where accountability and accomplishments matter, and where titles and rhetoric take a back seat to results. Carly Fiorina

The first requisite of style, not only in rhetoric, but in all compositions, is perspicuity. Richard Whately

To label family planning and legal abortion programs "genocide" is male rhetoric, for male ears. Shirley Chisholm

We had a sense of importance that would have led us to risk our lives for our rhetoric. Jerry Rubin

The rhetoric is the first step, it coarsens attitudes Amy Waldman

Rhetoric can be razor sharp, and just as one needs to take some comments seriously, others should not be. Alexander Stubb



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