Real Cowboys Quotes


Cowards never lasted long enough to become real cowboys. Charles Goodnight

If you look around world, the great brands are Real Madrid, Manchester United. The Yankees, the Cowboys and the Lakers are there. We should aspire with the Maple Leafs to be there. Tim Leiweke

All the screen cowboys behaved like real gentlemen. They didn't drink, they didn't smoke. When they knocked the bad guy down, they always stood with their fists up, waiting for the heavy to get back on his feet. I decided I was going to drag the bad guy to his feet and keep hitting him. John Wayne

I came in with my idea of what a cowboy would wear, but then I met some real cowboys and they said that I rode the horses well, shoed the horses, but no good cowboy would be wearing a pair of Levi's. I had to get a good old pair of Wranglers. Steve Kanaly

We were a really crazy band. This was in '73. I had my hair real short with a white stripe down the middle of my head. The guitarists had pink hair. We weren't playing CBGB's either, we were playing Statesborough, Georgia, for cowboys on penny beer night. We used to keep crowbars onstage when fights would break out. Those were really wild times. Rex Smith

A lot of old guys in movies are like cowboys - they talk like cowboys and they dress like cowboys. Val Kilmer

Real friendship is a slow grower. Lord Chesterfield

For most Northerners, Texas is the home of real men. The cowboys, the rednecks, the outspoken self-made right-wing millionaires strike us as either the best or worst examples of American manliness.... The ideal is not an illusion nor is it contemptible, no matter what damage it may have done. Many people who scorn it in conversation want to submit to it in bed. Those who believe machismo reeks of violence alone choose to forget it once stood for honor as well. Edmund White

Real food doesn't have ingredients, real food is ingredients. Jamie Oliver

Just stay real and stay a real person. Brandon Thomas

C'mon, let's get real, real gone. Elvis Presley

Real fashion change comes from real changes in real life. Everything else is just decoration. Tom Ford

The best learning happens in real life with real problems and real people and not in classrooms. Charles Handy

If your heart was as big as your mouth you'd be real. Dmx

Real men are real friends, showing their real commitment. KRS-One

Real recognize real, I suppose. Young Jeezy

Being offended is part of being in the real world. Courtney Love

We tell the real truth of our life by the stories we repeatedly tell. Mary Anne Radmacher

Music has always gotten me through life, particularly honest, real music. Lisa Marie Presley

COWBOYS, just like the word says. John Wayne



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