Quotes St. John


Worry is the only insupportable misfortune of life. Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke

There were times when depression, anxiety, whatever, would keep me from writing. I still get depressed and anxious, but I just don't let it stop me. I've just learned to move it to one side if I want to work. David St. John

Looking for me, Angel? Tina St John

I was so thrilled I attempted to mount my television Norman St John-Stevas, Baron St John of Fawsley

The danger with Margret Thatcher is that when she speaks without thinking she says what she thinks. Norman St John-Stevas, Baron St John of Fawsley

Thank you for bringing me home. Tina St John

I'm ready when you are, Lucan." "Okay," he said, shaking his head in defeat. "Let's go get our boy. Tina St John

I love you so much ... I don't want to live a single moment without you at my side. Tina St John

I love you, Mira...my Mate. My life. You're my everything. Tina St John

His spiritual life has been exaggerated by a chronic attack of mental gallstones. Oliver St. John Gogarty

Friendship is a cadence of divine melody melting through the heart. Charles Arundell St. John-Mildmay

Batistuta gets most of his goals with the ball Ian St John

There's no noise like the Anfield noise - and I love it! Ian St John

Friendship is such a powerful healer and source of support. Bonnie St. John

God has joy for you right now. Bonnie St. John

I love you, Mira...my Mate. My life. You're my everything. Tina St John

My middle name is Marshall. A lot of people think it's a stage name, but it's not. Trevor St John

Truth lies within a little and certain compass, but error is immense. Henry St John

Once you're on the wheel, you don't come off. Ian St John

Diamonds are forever, my youth is not. Jill St John



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