Quotes Selfie Control


At the moment about 350,000 students return to China from abroad each year - 350,000 young and educated people. I know about them because they know me and often ask me in the street if they can take a selfie with me. These folks are creative and ironic, and the government can ultimately not control what is going on in their heads. Ai Weiwei

Selfies became too big. The selfie photos are not good. Fans ask me for a selfie, and I say, 'Let's just do a photo.' I'm not anti-selfie, but I like a classic photograph. Marin Cilic

Muhasaba is your best selfie. Suhaib Webb

Muh?saba is your best selfie. Suhaib Webb

I love a selfie in the mirror. Kim Kardashian

Got to lose control before you take control. Patti Smith

I'm not a control freak - I'm a control enthusiast. Joss Whedon

Self-control is solely a matter of thought-control! Napoleon Hill

I don't like the selfie because it's too close. There ain't no people with arms long enough to do a selfie of me. Cilla Black

Control language and you control thought; control thought and you control action; control action and you control the world. Peter Kreeft

If you control the food, you control a nation. If you control the energy, you control a region. If you control the money, you control the world. Henry A Kissinger

We would need less gun control if we had better birth control. Richard Jeni

Gun Control is mind control. L Neil Smith

Control your destiny or somebody will. Jack Welch

The Gun Control Act of 1968 was passed, not to control guns, but to control blacks. Robert Sherrill

My message is simple: take control of your life Charles Barkley

We're more effective than birth control pills. Johnny Carson

Gun control means control. It means control for the government and the government starts controlling the people. Luke Scott

Be yourself, take control of your life. Emma Bunton

Running for president is the new selfie. James Gleick



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