Quotes Healthy Boundaries


You best teach others about healthy boundaries by enforcing yours. Bryant H Mcgill

Boundaries are a part of self-care. They are healthy, normal and necessary Doreen Virtue

Boundaries and risk management are very important parts of living a healthy and positive life. Bryant H Mcgill

When you say No, you also become a role model of healthy boundaries for others (especially your children). Doreen Virtue

By choosing recovery and risking to be real, we set the healthy boundaries that say, "I am in charge of my recovery and my life, and no one else on this Earth is. Charles L. Whitfield

One of the hardest obstacles I've had to overcome in my life was not understanding how to draw healthy boundaries. I finally learned it's perfectly OK to say no. Maria Canals Barrera

Healthy boundaries are important, but you may be building a brick wall when a picket fence would do. Amy Dickinson

Healthy boundaries earns respects Faisal Khokhar

I have my team. Like if you see everyone around me - I have my hair and makeup girl, my assistant. They're very calm, they're all about positive energy. There're no drama queens. Everyone wants everyone else to have a positive experience. There are no agendas. I think it creates a healthy environment and there are no boundaries to cross. Fergie

I think sometimes bad behaviour can be liberating for certain people. They need to behave badly to find themselves - to go off path to find their path. You see it with kids all the time: They're testing boundaries, and I think that's healthy. Noah Baumbach

Happiness lies, first of all, in health. George William Curtis

Healthy people eating healthy food should never need to take an antibiotic. Joel Fuhrman

It's incredibly difficult to keep a healthy body image in this business. Courtney Thorne Smith

I'm pretty healthy, most of the time. Jaimie Alexander

I'm as healthy as an ox. Julie Gold

Cancer is like another form of life. It's closely related to healthy life. A healthy body is one form of life. Cancer is in a way nature's experiment with life. Paul Davies

Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. Norman Cousins

Actually, if I don't eat healthy food I don't feel good. For me, I crave healthy food. Kristin Cavallari

This is life's greatest moment, when the soul unfolds capacities which reach beyond earth's boundaries. Isaac Hecker

Individuals, like nations, must have suitable broad and natural boundaries, even a considerable neutral ground, between them. Henry David Thoreau



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