Quotes From Ellen Hopkins Impulse


I fell for a boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Ellen Hopkins

Either way, you are in charge. Jealousy works against you. It takes control away from you, hands it over to the opposition. Maintain control. Ellen Hopkins

Some secrets can't be kept too long. No matter how hard you try to hide them, sooner or later they scurry out from your cupboards, cockroaches on the run. Ellen Hopkins

When all choice is taken from you, life becomes a game of survival. Ellen Hopkins

hindsight is gained through experience Ellen Hopkins

Would I drown saving him? Ellen Hopkins

Love can complete you. It can also destroy you. Ellen Hopkins

imperfections create character... Ellen Hopkins

Evil is not intrinsic. It's fashioned. Ellen Hopkins

No one teaches you how to walk away from someone who you know loves you. NO one teaches you how to say good-bye. Ellen Hopkins

You ca' walk away from someone you love, leave them drowning in your desertion. If love has no more meaning than that, you can keep it. I do' want it now or ever again. Do' want to hear the word or wear its scars. Ellen Hopkins

I do have friends, but they don't know me, only someone I've created to take my place. Someone sculpted from ice. I keep the melted me bottled up inside. Where no one can touch her, until, unbidden, she comes pouring out. Ellen Hopkins

When the door to love opens, The window to control closes. Ellen Hopkins

?Perfect? How can you define a word without concrete meaning? Ellen Hopkins

Love is for children and dimwads. Ellen Hopkins

Everyone's afraid of everybody else...maybe because we're all afraid of ourselves. Ellen Hopkins

The only thing about myself I know for sure is that I don't know anything. Ellen Hopkins

Defiance rose up like vomit. I swung back and yelled, "Don't ever do that again! Ellen Hopkins

I'm a total wreck. Afraid to let anyone near. Afraid they'll see the real me. Ellen Hopkins

It's just so hard to feel good, you know? Ellen Hopkins



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