Quotes About Women's Eyes


I am passionate about women's empowerment and women's ways. Stephanie Moore

You know, I hear all these things about women's rights. Nigel Farage

It's great to see there's a push behind women's MMA because everyone who's involved in women's MMA is very passionate about it. Michelle Waterson

For women's tears are but the sweat of eyes. Juvenal

If you care about women's rights, you can't not vote. Moby

People aren't so interested in seeing movies about women's problems. Teri Garr

What I like about the '60s movies was that they were about women. They were telling women's stories. I think a lot of movies don't tell women's stories anymore. Anna Biller

While women's suffrage has not brought about the political millennium which its fondest backers predicted, its effects on the whole have been decidely beneficial. Jessie Daniel Ames

What's really appealing about women's cycling in America? If you took a poll in the women's peloton, I would bet you that 90% of the women have college degrees, and a lot of them have Masters. The women's peloton is very well educated. Kristin Armstrong

In a way, by being fully committed to the Olympic movement globally, I'm better able to promote women's hockey and talk about women's hockey and put a face to women's hockey, to all the IOC members. Angela Ruggiero

How do you feel about women's rights? I like either side of them. Groucho Marx

Women's bodies are curvy, sensual, it's about being happy to be a woman - and sexy is always good Donatella Versace

certainly the women's health part is something that I've become very interested in. It's not something I thought about when George [Bush] was elected...what I'd always been interested in was education. Laura Bush

There is nothing revolutionary whatsoever about the control of women's bodies by men. The woman's body is the terrain on which patriarchy is erected. Adrienne Rich

Women have a lot to say about how to advance women's rights, and governments need to learn from that, listen to the movement and respond. Charlotte Bunch

Consumerism diverts us from thinking about women's rights, it stops us from thinking about Iraq, it stops us from thinking about what's going on in Africa - it stops us from thinking in general. Pink

From women's eyes this doctrine I derive: They sparkle still the right Promethean fire; They are the books, the arts, the academes, That show, contain, and nourish all the world. William Shakespeare

Men's eyes are in their heads; women's, in their hearts. Ivan Panin

If you ask me about women's lib, I say I don't even know what that is. Richard Pryor

The Republican Party needs to, first of all, quit electing people in primaries that have prehistoric notions about women's issues. Mark Mckinnon



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