Quotes About Moving Targets


I think all shows change as they age as do the people who make the shows. As do the people who watch the shows. All targets are moving. Alex Borstein

I just try to find targets I feel something about and express it my way. George Carlin

There is something about the momentum of travel that makes you want to just keep moving, to never stop. Bill Bryson

As long as you are passionate about your vision, you should keep moving forward. Russell Simmons

We [USA and China] have a common responsibility with different numerical targets, and that's the situation ultimately we are going to have with China. We emit six times more per person than they do. It's hard to tell them to cut theirs in half right now until we start moving. Being the ostrich with your head in the sand and tail feathers in the air like some would have us to do while China continues to pollute is simply not an option. Jay Inslee

I don't set myself targets. Last season I scored hat-trick against Wolfsburg and three days later, that was forgotten, you're about to be judged again. When you've done well, you don't want another game, you just want to feel great. When you've done badly, you can't wait for another chance to come. Michael J. Owen

We are going backwards in a field that's supposed to be all about moving forward Hillary Clinton

We are going backwards in a field that's supposed to be all about moving forward Hillary Clinton

If something goes wrong, don't whine about it. Have a spine about it. Adjust, adapt, and move forward. Ralph Marston

If something goes wrong, do' whine about it. Have a spine about it. Adjust, adapt, and move forward. Ralph Marston

No one will hit you harder than life itself. It doesn't matter how hard you hit back. It's about how much you can take, and keep fighting, how much you can suffer and keep moving forward. That's how you win. Anderson Silva

The freedom of saying anything to him, telling all, relieved a burden I hadn't even realized I'd been carrying. In my relentless push to keep moving forward, there had been so many emotions I hadn't let myself inhabit fully, so many things I hadn't talked about. Now I couldn't quite catch up to myself. Lisa Kleypas

It was like Percy had faced death before, like he knew about grief. What mattered was listening. You didn't need to say you were sorry. The only thing that helped was moving on-moving forward. Rick Riordan

I don't think about my old stuff. I just move forward. Madonna Ciccone

When people (talk trash) about you, you have to keep it moving, keep the records hot and keep your head up. Ashanti

Escape is not about moving from one place to another. It's about becoming more. Mary E. Pearson

Life is about moving, it's about change. And when things stop doing that they"re dead. Twyla Tharp

Successful leadership is not about being tough or soft, sensitive or assertive, but about a set of attributes. First and foremost is character Warren G. Bennis

Entrepreneursh ip is not about getting one over on the customer. It's not about working on your own. It's not about looking out for number one. It's not necessarily about making a lot of money. It is absolutely not about letting work take over your life. On the contrary, it's about turning what excites you in life into capital, so that you can do more of it and move forward with it. Richard Branson

Let go. Why do you cling to pain? There is nothing you can do about the wrongs of yesterday. It is not yours to judge. Why hold on to the very thing which keeps you from hope and love? Leo Buscaglia



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